Author Topic: Does a backlit, mechanical switch, full size, wireless solution exist?  (Read 519 times)

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I have a shopping list for a keyboard.

I'm banning all cords from my desk.

I'm looking for a wireless keyboard, back lit keys, 104 key size, mechanical switches.
Doesn't necessarily need to be RGB.

1. The Logitech G915 fits the bill, but it is WAY too expensive for what it is.
2. Corsair 63 TKL in blue and ice blue lighting.  TKL too (normally not a bad thing, but I'm getting back into flight sims and need the keys sometimes to avoid re-mapping a bunch of stuff.)  Is there a wireless keypad that is recognized as numpad keys, not the top row keys?
3. There is the Gamesir GK300.  That fits the bill.  This is an off brand that I don't know though, so that makes me a bit nervous.  Anyone with practical experience?

Any other ideas?

Keychron K1 has a full size and tkl wireless version.  with white backlight, or RGB.   Now we are talking, it is is about 1/3 less pricey than the Logitech G915 offerings.
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Re: Does a backlit, mechanical switch, full size, wireless solution exist?
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The more switches the more I/O the chip needs, the more I/O the more it will draw, more LEDs will also draw FAR more (people underestimate how much power LEDs use). Also, keyboards, especially fullsize never move making it pointless but then there's the issue of wireless itself and response...

Most companies don't put in the effort to make wireless work well, some can't even do bluetooth well. I have no end of issues with bluetooth mice (even with Logitech mouse on a Mac), I can't even imagine a keyboard. By the way, the Logitech is expensive because Logitech but also because Logitech is one of the few companies who can actually do wireless well and yet even their bluetooth can be sketchy. Maybe that price is an indication of what you can expect from a cheaper solutions. Keep in mind, while I've been using wireless mice for gaming long before it was a thing, I still won't use a wireless keyboard, they just don't work well enough.

All this so you don't see a single cord...
Honestly, I'd rather drill a hole in the desk just behind the keyboard (where you can't see it) to hide the cord than run a wireless keyboard. The options stink, the connection stinks and just pointless.  You could also try my solution for hiding cords, have your projects scattered across your desk so they get lost in the clutter.
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Re: Does a backlit, mechanical switch, full size, wireless solution exist?
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If going full hackery does not bother you, there exists a few projects of usb/ps2 to bluetooth adapters, with one of those and a charging pad under the keyboard into the surface of the desk you could maybe do it, but has i said it is on a high level of hacking things together, the hole idea from Leslieann is much better and simpler but sometimes more complicated is more fun.
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