Author Topic: 40% - The struggle is real!  (Read 547 times)

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40% - The struggle is real!
« on: Sun, 13 September 2020, 23:07:30 »
I've recently got (a gorgeous, alu) UT47.2, and it's so hard to find a keycap set that fits it.

It's dark blue, so I was thinking something dark to go with it, but really anything goes. Does anybody have any ideas? I'm currently running a sub par DSA set, subbing a shift as the space bar.

Ideal world: something I could get before 2021.

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Re: 40% - The struggle is real!
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 14 September 2020, 00:35:47 »
Have you checked what blanks are available on pmk?  Might be able to get yourself a proper matching spacebar at least, if your current set uses standard colours.

Posting your layout so we can see what strange caps you need would be helpful but '40% caps' and 'in stock' don't usually go together, as you've found.
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