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[IC] Tau.4 Ortholinear 40% | Interest Check
« on: Mon, 18 January 2021, 16:16:34 »
Interest Check
An affordable 40% Ortholinear keyboard, packed with premium features

My Website for more info:
IC Form:

Bottom Plate: FR4
Mounting Plate: FR4
Layout: Planck-style 40% ortholinear, with multiple spacebar options

  • 7į Typing angle
  • OLED Display
  • Rotary Encoder Support
  • Optional Hotswap sockets
  • RGB Underglow
  • USB Type C
  • Multiple Layout Options
Layout Options

Both the soldered and hotswap versions will support all layouts.

Kits and Pricing
  • PCB Only - £30
    If you plan to make your own case and plate, this is the option for you. Includes just the PCB with your upgrade options.
  • Basic Kit - £50
    The kit most people will need. Includes a PCB, FR4 Plate, FR4 Bottom Plate and the mounting hardware needed to assemble the keyboard. Just add switches and keycaps and you're good to go.
  • PCB Upgrade Options
    Optional upgrades for your PCB. Any upgrades purchased will come preinstalled on your PCB, and won't require any extra soldering.

    • Hotswap Sockets - £10
      Kailh Hotswap sockets will be installed on the PCB, which allow you to change switches with soldering or desoldering.
    • RGB Underglow - £5
      Adds 10 addressable RGB LEDs to the underside of the PCB for underglow effects.
    • Included Rotary Encoder and Knob - £8
      PCB includes a rotary encoder soldered in place of the top leftmost key on the PCB. Also includes an aluminium knob.
Currently only white is planned for the first GB, if there is a second round more options may be available.

Group Buy Info
Group Buy expected to run around the end of February.
Everything will ship from the UK, and I should be able to ship globally however shipping cost may be high depending on your location.
MOQ for the PCBs is 5, no MOQ for everything else.
25 PCBs will be available across both kits, more on subsequent group buys if any go ahead.

If you have any questions, reply to this post, or feel free to email me at
To register your interest, and sign up to be emailed when the group buy goes live, please use the form at the top of this post.
τ.4 GB live in 1 week!

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Re: [IC] Tau.4 Ortholinear 40% | Interest Check
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 18 January 2021, 17:48:43 »
Dope. I love seeing this barebones type stuff. UK based as well. I've never used ortho or 40% but at this price I'm kinda tempted.

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Re: [IC] Tau.4 Ortholinear 40% | Interest Check
« Reply #2 on: Tue, 19 January 2021, 09:45:38 »
I've been waiting for it and this is it. The 40% that's going to further this madness. RIP Wallet

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Re: [IC] Tau.4 Ortholinear 40% | Interest Check
« Reply #3 on: Mon, 01 February 2021, 11:03:36 »
Small Update

The Group buy is going to be going live Friday, 5th February! Prices and kit contents/upgrade options have now been finalised.

Since Iím running a fairly low volume Ė max 25 units Ė Iím just going to be running it through a google form since eCommerce platforms are too expensive. You wonít need to submit any personal details through the form, just which options you want and your email, and Iíll contact you for payment details, address, shipping costs etc.

When it goes live, Iíll post an update to Geekhack, as well as an email to everyone on the IC list, an announcement on my site and r/MechMarket.

And an update on the hotswap options Ė after the poll earlier this week, the most popular option was Kailh hotswap sockets, so thatís what Iíll be using. This means the price has gone up by £5 Ė to £35 and £55 Ė since all PCBs will come with Kailh hotswap sockets. Iíve redesigned the PCB to use them, and everything is ready for production once the GB is done.
τ.4 GB live in 1 week!

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Re: [IC] Tau.4 Ortholinear 40% | Interest Check
« Reply #4 on: Fri, 05 February 2021, 04:47:57 »
Update: Group Buy is now live!

The Group buy is now live, and will be open until the 5th March. Full details of how the GB will run are on my website,

There's a max order quantity of 25 units, across both the PCB Only and Kit options. However I will leave the form open after I've reached 25. I'm operating a first come first served system, so if you're not in the first 25 you will be placed on a waiting list in case anyone in the first 25 drops out.
τ.4 GB live in 1 week!