Author Topic: GMK Samurai Red Suns on TOFU65  (Read 1826 times)

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GMK Samurai Red Suns on TOFU65
« on: Wed, 06 January 2021, 07:56:38 »
So i goofed up when making this board, and didnt realise the bottom row of the red suns wasnt the same as the tofu layout. So i have 3 empty keys. I could desolder the switches, and move them to just have two, and a gap. but im not entirely keen on that idea. Id rather buy the novelties set, or something and fill the 3 empty switches with icon keys or something.

Does anyone have any ideas? Maybe someone has some spare bottom row red suns they could sell me? Or anyone know another keyset which has the same colour? Id appreciate any help.

This is my first keeb btw. really happy with the outcome, bar the missing keys.

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