Author Topic: Which mouse/trackball lasted the shortest amount of time on your desk (and why)?  (Read 23641 times)

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Which make/model of mouse/trackball have you used that lasted the shortest amount of time on your desk?

How long did it last?  (Days, perhaps?  Hours?  Minutes?)

Why did it not last long (e.g. slapdash build quality, cheap materials, poor ergonomic placement of buttons, too large/small for your hand, spontaneously combusted, etc.)

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Logi M575, lasted almost exactly 4 weeks.  Just failed last Thursday.

I bought it for my laptops (work and personal), used it on my Win10 machine a few times, then switched it to my work Macbook full-time, where it lasted daily use for 8 days.

Whether on Bluetooth or the dongle, the pointer skips across monitors with the slightest movement of the ball.  Sometimes, it works perfectly, but only for a few seconds.  Tried cleaning it out, didn't see any real smegma, tried alcohol on a Q-Tip, tried the whole restart/reinstall nonsense, even tried putting it back on the Win10 machine.  It's just bronked.

No idea why it failed.  I went back to carrying an M570 that I bought umpteen years ago and gave up on the idea of having one trackball for 2 laptops.  I'll move the dongle.

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Anything Mionix has been a huge disappointment for me. I've tried 3 Mionix mice, and all failed for different reasons within a year of purchase.

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I have never bought a mouse without holding it first to test comfort and button placement and I've bought from the place where I could do this even when it's meant I paid 50% more than I needed to - overall  still cheaper than buying two mice in a month.  While not strictly accurate as it's still sat on my desk unused for over two years my shortest lived mouse was a Steelseries Rival 700, which started to skip as soon as I did the slightest bit of overclocking (and when the computer runs an old laptop CPU overclocking is significant and necessary)

When I upgrade the computer and if I find the need for pixel perfect accuracy I will give it another go but until then it will continue to gather dust.
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This question is the reason I use wireless mice exclusively and took place well before anyone gamed with wireless mice.

I had just gotten a new desk recently and my mouse dies on me late at night just before a holiday, needing a mouse in a hurry to finish a job I ran to the closest store that would carry one and bought the cheapest mouse I could (Inland?) with the intent of getting another good mouse as soon as stores opened up again after the holiday.

Turned out my new desk had a sharp corner and it killed the new mouse in 3 hours.
Rather than replace the desk, when stores opened I bought a wireless Logitech mouse and never looked back. I took heat for years from people saying you couldn't game on wireless mice. Not true if you got a good one, a disadvantage maybe, but not enough to warrant the heat they took.
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I used to main the HK Gaming Mira S. I love how small and comfortable it feels but the mouse lasted from July 2020 to April 2022. I'm still not exactly sure what happened but around August 2021, ever since I plugged in my second mouse (which was the G-Wolves HSK), the mouse randomly started disconnecting. I thought maybe it didn't like USB 3.0 so I switched to USB 2.0 and it was fixed.. well, temporary fix. The more I used it, the more issues I ran into. The cursor sometimes teleport, spun out in-game and disconnects more often. There was one time I was browsing and the cursor teleported to the right corner of my screen and hit the exit button. Nice.

My guess was maybe it had something to do with these two mice specifically? Before I had a bunch of mice tested with my Mira S and never had any issues until the HSK was plugged in. Or maybe it's just the cable and pcb that straight up sucked. I don't know, I stopped thinking too much about it and went back to my Deathadder mini.

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Elecom Huge. Wanted to like it as I had previously used a CST, but the Elecom had substandard bearings. I got rid of the Elecom before new ceramic bearings arrived (Covid shipping delays).

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I've never really bought a mouse that I didn't like. The only reason I'd swap my mouse is if a new mouse comes out that I like more.
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This was the only mouse I managed to wear out. Played a lot of mouse-games like Warcraft 1&2 in the mid 90's and the left switch died within a year or two. I got it swapped from the central button but afterwards it didn't last very long. I grinded pads due to extensive use and gave up at finding replacement.