Author Topic: buying keycaps off aliexpress?  (Read 3480 times)

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buying keycaps off aliexpress?
« on: Sat, 02 December 2023, 06:00:17 »
hello all!
i was planning to buy some gmk ripoff keycaps on aliexpress, and i was thinking, well. aliexpress isn't exactly known for top quality items in general. is it a decent place to buy semi-cheap but goodish caps? the original set i was looking for was gmk zen pond.
thank you!

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Re: buying keycaps off aliexpress?
« Reply #1 on: Sat, 02 December 2023, 14:41:34 »
Here's a keyboard vendor list. Check your local vendors and see if there's any keycaps you like that fit in your budget.

Some popular cheap keycap makers are JC studio/Leek Brother, Xiami (XMI) and Shenpo. You can find some of these on Aliexpress too, I'm pretty sure.

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Re: buying keycaps off aliexpress?
« Reply #2 on: Sun, 03 December 2023, 10:07:10 »
For sure you can get keycap sets on AliExpress - I have ordered several.

It might be best for you to start with a small order of something, maybe a $20 clone set, to make sure they can deliver properly to you.

AliExpress sells competitively-priced keycaps under brand names such as Shenpo, JC Studio, Domikey, and others. Aifei makes the fake GMK sets, which are spotty in quality, among the least QC of these manufacturers. The best quality for the $ comes from JC Studio, which is unbeatable in the West at AliExpress (sale) prices.

The best "bang for the buck" are the fake Pyga sets, which may well be an Aifei product, but offer incredible value for a 135+ keycap set at $20 during sales.

You can also find unusual profiles. Not just the regular SA clones by Domikey and others. But MG profile [a Topre-like profile], AF SA [shortened Topre-like], and CX SA [a kind of spherical, angled OEM]. Plus many MDA / XDA copies.

It all depends what you are looking for. There are budget-tier and mid-tier available. But can you buy from AliExpress? Sure.

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Re: buying keycaps off aliexpress?
« Reply #3 on: Thu, 07 December 2023, 23:35:10 »
Ye aliexpress is kinda good not bad at some memes or rumors. The customer service may be worst but you won’t need theme if the product matches what you expect. I actually ordered many times from ali mostly keycaps like domikey. Krepublic store is a trustworthy one you should look to.

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Re: buying keycaps off aliexpress?
« Reply #4 on: Sat, 30 December 2023, 13:33:36 »
there are tons of sales of decent sets around atm. give it a good searching. i just grabbed about 3 or 4 sets myself.

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Re: buying keycaps off aliexpress?
« Reply #5 on: Mon, 01 January 2024, 10:26:09 »
Actually you can find anything you want in China's local marketplaces and Aliexpress is the only you know cuz it faces to buyers outside China. Learn Chinese and go to taobao/xianyu/jd/pdd to look for what you need is the final solution :D

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Re: buying keycaps off aliexpress?
« Reply #6 on: Fri, 05 January 2024, 06:37:49 »
That website requires a certain degree of identification and cannot guarantee 100% delivery. I was deceived once.

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Re: buying keycaps off aliexpress?
« Reply #7 on: Tue, 19 March 2024, 18:49:46 »
I have never had an issue with purchasing of ali, i have many gmk sets and clone sets that i got from ali, because i missed out, and I feel some of the good stores, like kbdfans their quality is really nice and even some of the stores i have purchased you $20 sets are not bad also. I only had 1 issue with one set I purchased.

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Re: buying keycaps off aliexpress?
« Reply #8 on: Wed, 20 March 2024, 06:51:48 »
its plastic. if you set your standards low enough its very hard to be disappointed by em.
someone needs to make an aussie keyboard community called QMƎɹ┴⅄. get it? haha :D