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Newb Greetings, quick question regarding logos
« on: Mon, 29 December 2014, 18:49:31 »
Hey guys, I just wanted to formally say hello, I'm the new guy. I stumbled on this forum after getting my first mech (corsair k65 rgb) and seeing all these custom keycaps.

I have done a fair amount of designer and collectible toy design and resin casting, and fell in love with keycaps as soon as I saw what some people were doing with them.

After much reading, and many wow's, I decided that I MUST make a few of my own to share with you guys. Which brings me to my first question for you guys....

Trademarked logos or characters, are they OK to use? I see so many custom keys with TM'd and Copyrighted material. I'm coming up with a submission to SP for a potential group buy, and the design contains some iconic characters. Does Signature Plastics require approval from the rights holder before designs can be made? Like the "From the Vault" keycaps, did they need approval from the Fallout guys?

Anyways, I look forward to showing you guys what I have in mind and come up with in the, hopefully, very near future!!!

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Re: Newb Greetings, quick question regarding logos
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 29 December 2014, 19:31:26 »
If you plan on doing something large like a GB keyset, yeah you need permission, just like using the logo for any other merch
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