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Opinions on Atreus
« on: Wed, 04 February 2015, 08:07:34 »
Hi folks!

I've been looking into getting an ErgoDox or an Atreus keyboard. Atreus looks nice, but I haven't seen anyone give it an everyday use, they all seem to get it as a travel keyboard.

I'm in South America (Uruguay), and it's been really hard getting the parts for the ErgoDox, so getting either one assembled seems to be the way to go.

So the questions then are:

 - Is anyone using an Atreus as their main keyboard? If so, what's your take?
 - Does anyone still provide assembly and shipping services for an ErgoDox?


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Re: Opinions on Atreus
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 04 February 2015, 16:17:18 »
- Does anyone still provide assembly and shipping services for an ErgoDox?

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Re: Opinions on Atreus
« Reply #2 on: Fri, 06 February 2015, 03:10:03 »

I built an atreus mod (2 extra columns) and I've been using it daily for 3 month now. no palmrest, medium laser cutted case.
Red Cherry MX
BÉPO layout (mix between colemak and dvorak optimized for french)
and TMK firmware Teensy controller

my typing fluidity greatly improved despite the natural accuracy loss.
BTW accuracy is constantly improving and turned usable just One week after switching.

even with extra columns (4 more cm width) the form factor is really compact ! greatly improve access to mouse !!!
Some backdraws indeed:
   - lowest row keys closest to palm are not comfortably usable (but usable indeed)
   - centered keys wich are expected to be thumb used are actually not so fluidly reachable by thumb (esrille or thumb block looks better)

Warning :
   - case design has really small cable path. check with actual cable plugged before choosing the controller position within the case.

Otherwise everything is a good design from Technomancy.
Thanks for his job.