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Did usb cables
« on: Fri, 07 July 2017, 02:01:19 »
Hi I want to get into making my own usb cables specially usb c cables so hard to find a good cable with all the features I want
Any sites you recommend for parts?

I really like the pcv cables that Google use to sale.

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Re: Did usb cables
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 19 July 2017, 22:08:51 »
Its pretty difficult unless your buying in bulk to get just usb ends or wanna pay a stupid high amount of money for them.I made some dongles that go from usb mini to usb micro and have wsken magnetic plugs on them so I have one cable on my desk and can pop and swap keebs all day without wearing my ports out

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Re: Did usb cables
« Reply #2 on: Fri, 18 August 2017, 12:24:38 »
boah micro soldering..
it won't look nice.

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Re: Did usb cables
« Reply #3 on: Fri, 18 August 2017, 13:49:06 »
USB C has so many individual wires in them that things are very very small.
Maybe you could buy ready-made cables, strip the sleeving and remake it, but I think that's it.
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Re: Did usb cables
« Reply #4 on: Fri, 18 August 2017, 18:48:44 »
C is too soon to buy connectors cheap most likely, and as mentioned, NO! The difficulty in making them is going to be extremely high.  I did a mini once, it was bad enough. forget trying C.

Now if you are doing an A to C, buy one and replace the A end, but even that isn't going to be all the much fun.
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Re: Did usb cables
« Reply #5 on: Tue, 13 February 2018, 23:41:27 »
Easy way to get going is to buy a base cable that's already made, then you can take apart the regular USB part slide on your sleeve and solder back together then shrink wrap it.

You can get some really cool techflex and pretty much any color shrinkwrap from

Also Paracord makes a pretty decent base sleeve that you can then put techflex over to give you some cool combos.

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