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Re: Not-So-Great Finds
« Reply #450 on: Thu, 06 January 2022, 11:05:59 »
Painters always say that the quality of a paint job starts with the prep job. Was the surface cleaned and prepped as well as possible?
We have elected an ungovernable collection of snake-handlers, Bible-bangers, ignorami, bagmen and outright frauds, a collection so ungovernable that it insists the nation be ungovernable, too. We have elected a national legislature who has been made a piteous spectacle in the eyes of the country and doesn’t seem to mind that at all. We have elected a national legislature in which the true power resides in a cabal of vandals, a nihilistic brigade that believes that its opposition to a bill directing millions of customers to the nation’s insurance companies is the equivalent of standing up to the Nazis in 1938. This is what they came to Washington to do — to break the government of the United States. It doesn’t matter any more whether they’re doing it out of pure crackpot ideology, or at the behest of the various sugar daddies that back their campaigns, or at the instigation of their party’s mouthbreathing base. We have elected people to govern us who do not believe in government. We have elected a national legislature that looks into the mirror and sees itself already cast in marble. We are now seeing the country reeling and jabbering from the effects of the prion disease, but it was during the time of Reagan that the country ate the monkey brains.
- Charles P Pierce