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No peripheral power on PC boot
« on: Tue, 01 January 2019, 21:23:05 »
My computer fun continues. After flipping around my PSU and a few fans to mess with the intake/exhaust, I booted up my computer only to find that the monitor/keyboard/mouse get no power. There is also no beep to indicate any problems. I cleaned out all the dust, re-seated the GPU and RAM, unplugged and plugged back in everything. I got no ideas left. When I unplug and plug the keyboard back in, it does flash the lights on it like it gets power, then goes dark again. nvm
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Re: No peripheral power on PC boot
« Reply #1 on: Tue, 01 January 2019, 21:24:18 »
That is frustrating! Sorry you are having these problems :feelsbadman: