Author Topic: [GB] Ex Arkhe (Seamless curved o-ring F13 TKL) LIVE-> June 28th [Price drop!]  (Read 5541 times)

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IC Link

The name of this keyboard means 'the beginning' and marks my first keyboard design.
Aesthetically I was inspired by the shape of the rowing shell and the katamaran; which manifests in curved profiles, bezels and a seamless shape reminiscent of a boats motion over water.

Additional Photographs will be linked in the 2nd post, along with the build stream.

. Seamless side profiled anodised 6063 Aluminium case
. Anodised Aluminium plate
. WKL 7u only bottom row with fixed Ansi enter [Plate files will be available later for ISO]
. 4.2 degree typing angle/20.5mm front height
. O-ring mount with Jane CE V2 mounting points
. Custom H88 PCB by Hineybush with centred USB-C daughterboard and VIA software - F13 TKL form factor
. Ships in Monokei KABAN case
. Built weight ~ 1.9kg

Typing tests:

Pricing and Vendors:

GB open for two weeks from the 14th of June

Please check your regional vendors site for exact pricing and the pricing of extras.

The GB is now live across all regions:

NA: Spacecables USD $499
EU: OblotzkyIndustries 469 Inc VAT
SEA: Monokei $675.00 SGD
CA: Ashkeebs CAD $605.00

Lead time est 9 months

Colour options:
. Black Top/Blue bottom
. Black Top/Red bottom
. Red Top/Silver bottom
. Silver Top/Red bottom
. Blue top/Silver bottom
. Silver Top/Blue bottom

Proto Pics:

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Build stream:

Please note that a 3mm o-ring was used during the build but the board is designed around a 3.5mm o-ring. When the correct o-ring size is used [as is provided in the GB] the movement of the plate side to side seen in the video isn't present
A link to the discord server for updates on this, and other projects. Along with emotes: Here
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  • Why are you even reading

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very goog like a5 waygu

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very naisu

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Where the brass at?

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GB is now live on Monokei and Ashkeebs. I hope that everything will be up and running with the other two vendors along with the extras by tonight.


very goog like a5 waygu

very naisu

Thanks guys!

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Very unique design. GLWB.  :thumb:
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Awesome design. I might be getting one.

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Side profile on this is amazing. Good luck!

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The curves on that !!  :cool:

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Finally a design we don't see everywhere, copied over and over !

Good luck with the group buy  :thumb:

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Thank you everyone! The GB is now live in all regions and the price has been amended on the Oblotzky Industries storefront from the initial amount of 539 to 469 inclusive of VAT. There aren't the same Tariffs over imports in the EU, and the shipping is a little cheaper from the manufacturer so the price was lowered in consideration of that.

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We have made the decision to also lower the list price across the other vendors. Anyone who has paid the old list price can expect a refund for the difference; whilst the price of extra plates and PCBs remains unchanged.
The price for NA is now $499USD; The Canadian price is now CAD$605. Monokei is now $675.00 SGD. EU pricing is now 469 inclusive of VAT as previously stated.

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Due to not being on the right trajectory to hit the intended moq, it has been decided to close and cancel the GB early. I apologise to everyone that joined or was intending to join. Those that have ordered will be refunded within standard time frames.
I have identified several areas that may have contributed to the failure of the GB:

.Bad timing: running the GB immediately after/overlapping with an unlimited TGR GB meant that many prospective buyers would have insufficient funds and be unable to join
.Sub-par marketing on my part
.Lacking reputation as a designer
.Not running a 'limited' GB; as alot of keyboard sales in general feel special due to their finite nature even if no more or less units are sold. In addition, for open GBs where there is no time pressure i personally tend to enter at the last minute (admittedly this could be specific to myself)
.My design language being foreign to the community (not tried and tested or safe)

I am confident in the quality of the design; the sound, feeling and aesthetics of the keyboard being sold in my opinion made it worth buying at the list price and compared to comparable options. I feel that if one or two of the outlined issues were not present then the GB could've been successful.

My current intention is to use this as a positive experience and drive to work towards designing better tools - keyboard related or otherwise. I intend to build recognition for my work and design before attempting any further public sales.
In the future I will run private buys, and potentially commissions through my discord. I will also contact vendors about designing for them.

Hopefully you haven't seen the last of me
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Sad to see the GB being cancelled but I do understand your reasoning. Excited to see your upcoming projects.

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Sad to hear that this is cancelled :/ I was going to get Silver/Red which looked pretty nice.

Regarding to it being open GB: I don't know if this affected the sales, but I for one really appreciate it, and I hope that is the direction where hobby is going to. So, hopefully you still consider it in the future. Maybe instead of limiting units, you can limit the duration to make it more "exclusive". For example making the GB run only for few hours, but all the orders are accepted in that duration.

Good luck in the future, and if Arkhe is any indication, I am looking forward to your other designs  :)

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sad news. this project was something interesting, i jumped in. prolly you got not so long period b4 sales, not enough pr with our beloved streamers. dont stop, ideas behind keeb was good.

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Oh damn. Sad to see this get canceled. Hope to see this or your other projects before long!

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I really love the design, but just like you said, I poured all my money on tomo  :-[
I would love to see this design return.

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FOMO for TOMO which is what most did. I really liked this board and hard passed on the FOMO board. GL in the future, hope I can join the next one.


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ouch , good luck for the next try. i dont like your list of reasons one bit but so long as you can see positive from this experience somehow

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Dont worry you guys, you have not seen the last of the Mr. Lil

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