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Mysterium mega32a not recognized after Bootloader [REMOVE]
« on: Sat, 11 September 2021, 13:58:35 »
New member, but not new to MK's.

I have been trying to build my own Mysterium with a ATMEGA32A controller. I have fumbled around trying to follow the steps necessary to make a bootloader .hex file and then flash it. I eventually found this old thread on geekhack which I think got me over the hump on finding a .hex file and flashing it to the controller.

I have been using a USBtiny along with ARVDUDESS to verify that the fuses are correct and the bootloader is flashed. I have done this process on two different controllers. However, when I try to connect them via USB instead of ISP header I cannot get it to show up on device manager or in the QMK software. I have even gone so far as to recreate the circuit on a bread board as an easy way of double checking everything.

Is there anything that I am missing that is preventing me from viewing the chips via USB? Do I need some drivers or something? (Running Win10 btw.)

EDIT: I figured out the wiring issue. Please remove post.
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