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Re: [GB] GMK Awaken
« Reply #50 on: Mon, 25 January 2021, 16:34:25 »
When this set first IC'd I had my doubts, but after sometime it really grew on me! I'm in for Neo Tokyo and Corrupted Data! Great job on another successful set Biip! :D

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Re: [GB] GMK Awaken
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## color_scheme
└── 280 20 15 Krähenschwarz | 290 20 10 Spinellschwarz
└── 230 85 20 Atmospharenbleu | 240 70 30 karibikblau
└── 090 90 60 sonnenröschengelb | 1018 zinkgelb
└── 1777 C | 1787 C

what do all these colors mean? the set contains four, not eight? or are they mixed to create your color of choice?

For each color I choose 2 references so I can adjust the final color scheme (and inherit contrast) :thumb:

Show Image

looking at the colors, none of the blue/reds seem to represent the renders, which are way more turquoise/pink-ish than the "default" blue/reds. i know renders can never 100% show the real deal but this has me wondering if we can expect a neon design like the renders or if the end product will be more, don't know how to put it, "boring" (imo!). no offense, just curious!

No worries! I get what you mean.
The goal is to offer vivid/vibrant color that’s also why I chose 2 references for each color.
If you look closely the renders aren’t featuring neon colors, it’s the result of the contrast between the base (dark cold gray) with light colors which gives this effect.
I would never display renders of a product that cannot be manufactured.
If you have the opportunity to have a look at a RAL book IRL you’ll notice that the chosen colors are pretty close to the actual renders (which are (and must be) pretty accurate in the end of the day).

I hope it’d help to make you less anxious about the final colors :p

Comparing the colors of the RAL sample image and the blue from the Neo Tokyo base render, I'm not sure where the blue's saturation is coming from even if the contrast is high. The top color in the attached comparison is sampled directly from the kit image. The yellow and red seem pretty close though. I may just not be understanding how the color would get affected in a rendering, and unfortunately won't be able to check out a RAL book before the end of the GB.

I don't mean to doubt, I love the set! This'll be my first GB, so just I'm slightly anxious.

Edit: Apologies for the amateur double attachment
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Re: [GB] GMK Awaken
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Re: [GB] GMK Awaken
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Ordered too

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Re: [GB] GMK Awaken
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Is this finished Are  they for sale yet?

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Re: [GB] GMK Awaken
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Is this finished Are  they for sale yet?

This was a group buy man, you missed it and have to wait for extras or aftermarket.

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Re: [GB] GMK Awaken
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Damn, I take a break from the scene for a few months and completely miss out on this glorious creation.... What happened to the 6+ months of IC and GB time?  :p

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Re: [GB] GMK Awaken
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Re: [GB] GMK Awaken
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Damn, that's quite a lot of extras

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Re: [GB] GMK Awaken
« Reply #59 on: Tue, 24 August 2021, 12:57:58 »
The Rama Keycap turned out super nice!! So glad I picked one up

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