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Off Topic / Re: thanksgiving?
« Last post by HappyB0T on Fri, 26 November 2021, 21:57:37 »
I'll take a tofukey

Father in law is a butcher - I have converted him to loving tofurky. It haz flavorz.
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] GMK 1520 | Vendors Announced and Updated Kitting
« Last post by hark on Fri, 26 November 2021, 21:52:42 »
my 2c: @hark, don't change a thing. you have nailed it on the design, and i think this is a faithful reproduction of the vintage keyset. looking forward to purchasing every kit.

I agree, this is the first GMK set in a while that's really grabbed my attention. I really think you should keep it as is, especially the grey F keys. They're my favourite. :D

i think we all have an appreciation for this set as well as the inspiration. so why do you think the keys were originally colored? it appears there is a logic in color matching "alt" with alpha sublegends that aligns with common keyboard shortcuts.

by all means, don't change a thing if you don't want to. i sorta assumed the non-vintage 1.5u system keys don't really have a place on a windows board. if there is a use for 1.5u system keys in windows i'll quit pushing a mac agenda. but if the systems keys are intended for macos users then they do not serve their intended purpose for our use case. that's all i'm trying to say. (guess i'm as uninformed about windows as many are about macs, and i'm actually looking to learn here.)

and fwiw, i fully understand the inspiration. i was only attempting to get the runner to see things from a macos user's pov, something that is not intuitive for many windows users. to say it differently, imagine the alt keys had yellow sublegends. makes no sense, right? not only because of the inspiration, but because the alpha sublegends are blue. the colors do not align. THAT is my point about the system keys being blue. since there are no system keys in the inspiration set i am confused why people who likely will not buy/use the system keys even care? peace

Those keys are primarily for HHKB users, not MacOS users.
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] KAT PBJ - (11/23/21) UPDATE: Samples en route!
« Last post by Lizcuits on Fri, 26 November 2021, 21:32:15 »
Oooh, Iím glad to see this set moving! I love the idea of a modular set, and was worried this was on perma hiatus. Big fan of the novelties and red accents. The milk, jars and toasts are the best :thumb:

If I had any complaints, I guess itíd be the lack of 1.5u novelties across kits? I donít have any 1.25u keys so it would be a shame that I canít use all my favourite novelties on 1.5u keys... likely too late to update kits now though so Iíll cope. But there are quite a few 65s and Alices which have 3-4 1.5u keys on the bottom row and donít use 1.25u also? Just my two cents.

The samples look good so far. The line colour of the grape/base novelties seems darker than intended, but I kinda struggle to see pastels (F tier vision) so I love them hahha. Hope they reach you soon so you can make the changes youíd like!

Not 100% sure I understand what you're referring to - there are two 1.5u novelties in each Accent kit / novelty kit! Let me know if that's not what you meant as I'm not super sure I am following. Did you just want more 1.5us in total?

As for kitting changes, please rest assured I will be updating the kitting to be a bit more palatable for GB. None of the kit information has been confirmed as of yet so I'll definitely be working on some updates for it!
That being said, it'll likely be done in AI files rather than renders as I simply don't have the time to format out and render a few dozen kits these days.

Color changes may also happen once I receive samples - I'll talk about them on stream!

The samples are expected to arrive early next week, so I'll probably be going over them soon!

Thanks for your feedback and interest :)
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] Deliciosa Deskmats - GB LIVE!!!!!
« Last post by tsukune1349 on Fri, 26 November 2021, 21:29:55 »
Just received mine. Looks amazing and the packaging is the best I've ever got for a deskmat  :thumb:
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] GMK Violet on Cream
« Last post by hineybush on Fri, 26 November 2021, 21:29:04 »
is VOC ever coming back>?


great. hopefully the kitting will be revised for better compatibility

it won't

not surprised. its hiney so you cant have everything, or even almost everything, in fact in most cases you get nothing at all.

correct. we are working on revising the kits however to make it a bit more compatible. if you have any suggestions please post them :)
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] JTK Imouto
« Last post by shima on Fri, 26 November 2021, 21:19:53 »
thissa no from me chief
Classifieds / Re: [WTB] Metal Bots [WTS] Murrays
« Last post by superdoedoe on Fri, 26 November 2021, 21:09:09 »
Off Topic / Re: thanksgiving?
« Last post by noisyturtle on Fri, 26 November 2021, 21:07:46 »
One of the best aspects people rarely talk about is how for the next few days while eating leftovers all your ****s smell like delicious Thanksgiving dinner. It's so odd to me how even with all the combinations of ingredients that go in one end, they still come out the other smelling quite similar. A Thanksgiving miracle!
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] JTK Imouto
« Last post by superdoedoe on Fri, 26 November 2021, 21:07:35 »
Was looking to go with a high quality ABS manu, and GMK has recently had long lead times and other issues.

JTK has more issues than GMK, not to mention that JTK also has really long lead times.

JTK lead times are just as bad.
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