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[GB] Metakey TENET (70%) Keyboard | GB concluded
« on: Fri, 17 June 2022, 22:14:41 »

Metakey TENET(70%)

Designed by oy2r of Metakey
Renders by $6i
GB Content by Mr.Luo of Metakey
Translation/edit by z from ClickClack

- Prologue
- Product Showcase
- Product Build and Review Videos
- More about Metakey TENET
- Colorways
- Groupbuy Info
- Layouts
- Keyboard Spec
- What's Included
- Socials

Hello everyone,

This is ClickClack again. We are ready to kick off groupbuy phase of Metakey TENET!

TENET is a 70%/FRL-TKL designed by Metakey Studio. Like a palindrome that could be read from left to right and right to left. TENET features a Transformable Layout, which enables user to use keyboard in both right-handed Regular 70% and left-handed Southpaw Layout. With the Multi-function 256 x 32 pixel OLED Screen, you can get your computer resource usage, typing speed or put customize logo/text on your keyboard.

Product Showcase

TENET In-stock Version Gallery
Product Build and Review Videos

▲ :3ildcat

▲ BadSeed Tech

▲ nearLucid

▲ Shoobs

▲ Clackbait

▲ alexotos

▲ Switch and Betty

▲ Keybored
▲ MechMerlin
▲ Apiary Keyboards

▲ Keyeah

▲ Pudding

More about Metakey TENET


Please refer to Metakey TENET Interest Check for more design philosophies.

Full-aluminum Version

▼ The Full-aluminum Version has been added, as well as new colorways, and the Color-filling process has been
added to the aluminum weights.

Founders Edition

▼ In addition to Full-aluminum version, we will launch the limited TENET Founders Edition (FE). The Founder Edition features High-gloss Chamfered Edge with Double-anodizing for case. PVD Mirror Brass is used for main bottom weight and center Outlet Weight. Enhanced Metakey Logo on the Bottom Weight and redesigned patterns on Outlet Weight. Founders Edition will have two color options Obsidian (Black) and Shadow (Space Gray). Limited to 20 units each colorway.

▼ FE Obsidian (Black) Prototype Photos

Other Improvements

▶ Metakey optimized the relevant structural materials of the kit. Gasket material is changed to a softer and more responsive custom foam. Additionally, Metakey introduced PORON® LE-20 Plate Foam and Underswitch Pad (IXPE Foam). The Custom Molded Silicone Mid-layer will still be available as alternative.

▶ Added Soldered PCB

▶ Keyboard Kit will be shipped with Carrying Case


▼ INK (Anodized Black)

▼ NAVY (Anodized Blue)

▼ MAGUEY (Anodized Green)

▼ LOYAL (Anodized Red)

▼ PEACH (Electrophoresis Pink)

▼ CHEESE (Electrophoresis Yellow)

▼ BIANCO (Electrophoresis White)

▼ Founders Edition Obsidian (Double-anodized Black)

▼ Founders Edition Shadow (Double-anodized Gray)

Groupbuy Info

Global Vendor


▶ Full-aluminum Anodized Colorways: $425 (Soldered) / $433 (Hotswap)
▶ Full-aluminum Electrophoresis Colorways: $449 (Soldered) / $457 (Hotswap)
▶ Sandblasted Brass Weight Anodized Colorways: $507 (Soldered) / $515 (Hotswap)
▶ Sandblasted Brass Weight Electrophoresis Colorways: $532 (Soldered) / $540 (Hotswap)
▶ Founders Edition (FE): $714 (Soldered) / $722 (Hotswap)

Groupbuy Start Time: 06/20/2022 20:00 EST
Groupbuy End Time: 06/25/2022 23:59 EST
Estimated Fulfillment Time: Q1 2023 TENET Shipping Estimate

Sale Format

▶ Founders Edition (FE): FCFS, 20 units in Obsidian Colorway and 20 units in Shadow Colorway, 40 units in total
▶ Standard Editions: Unlimited Groupbuy

How to make sure you don't miss the TENET sale information

1. Fill out our Metakey Interest Check Form, we will send out email prior to GB about instruction:

2. Join ClickClack Discord:

3. In ClickClack Discord, get "Metakey" role in #roles channel and we will notify you.



▼ Regular

▼ Southpaw


▼ Regular

▼ Southpaw

Keyboard Spec

► Dimensions: 374 x 115 x 30mm
► Materials:
   ╚ Full-aluminum: Aluminum Case and Weights
   ╚ Aluminum Case + Brass Weight: Aluminum case with Sandblasted Brass main Bottom Weight, Sandblasted Gold-plated Brass Outlet Weight
   ╚ Founders Edition: High-gloss Chamfered Edge with Double-anodizing with PVD Mirror Brass Bottom and Outlet Weight
► Colorways:
   ╚ Anodized: Black, Navy, Green, Red
   ╚ Electrophoresis: White, Yellow, Pink
► Transformable Layout: Regular FRL-TKL or Southpaw (FRL, no keypad, extra function keys on both sides of the arrow keys)
► Plate material: PC/FR4/Alu/Brass
► Mount: Isolated Gasket Mount
► Multifunctional OLED Screen: 7 screen mode (see “PCB Software and OLED Interface” in Metakey TENET Interest Check for detail)
► PCB:
   ╚ Integrated Dual PCB - main and func&direction region               
   ╚ Hotswap with per-key RGB underglow                                 
   ╚  Soldered with ISO, Split Backspace, WKL row and Split Shift Support
   ╚ Custom USB-C daughterboard                                         
► PCB and OLED Screen Software: HEXCORE ObinsKit
► Typing angle: 8°
► Front height: 18mm

Customizable Options

Plate Options

▶ Black Polycarbonate (PC)
▶ Aluminum
▶ FR4

PCB Options

▶ Soldered
▶ Hotswap

Mid-layer (Plate Foam) Options

[/b]Under-switch PE (IXPE) Foam included

▶ Silicone
▶ PORON® LE-20

Add-ons / Extras

▶ PCB: $71 (Soldered) / $79 (Hotswap)
   ╚ 1 x 60% PCB of your choice           
   ╚ 1 x 10% PCB of your choice           
   ╚ 1 x TENET Custom Type-C Daughterboard
   ╚ 1 x Long JST Cable                   
   ╚ 1 x Short JST Cable                 
   ╚ 1 x FPC Ribbon Cable                 

▶ OLED + CNC Backplate: $30
   ╚ 1 x OLED Screen                   
   ╚ 1 x CNC Backplate with Metakey Logo

▶ Aluminum Plate: $38

▶ Black PC Plate: $33

▶ FR4: $31

▶ Brass: $68

▶ Mid-layer/Plate Foam: $20 (Silicon) / $15 (PORON® LE-20)
   ╚ 1 x Mid-layer/Plate Foam of your choice
   ╚ 1 x Under-switch IXPE Foam             

What's Included

▶ Aluminum Case
▶ Main Bottom Weight + Outlet Weight (Alu/Sandblasted+Gold Plated/PVD Mirror)
▶ OLED Screen
▶ CNC Screen Backplate
▶ 60% + 10% PCB (Hotswap/Soldered)
▶ 60% + 10% Plate (PC/FR4/Alu)
▶ TENET Custom Type-C Daughterboard
▶ Mid-layer (Silicone/PORON LE-20)
▶ Under-switch IXPE Foam
▶ 1 Set of Custom Foam Gaskets
▶ 1 Set of PCB-Restrict Foam Stickers
▶ Case Foam
▶ Long JST Cable
▶ Short JST Cable
▶ FPC Ribbon Cable
▶ 1 Set of PCB Shims
▶ 1 Set of Rubber Feet
▶ 4 x LED Diffuser
▶ Carbon-fiber ESD Safe Tweezer
▶ Set of screws and tools
▶ Carrying Case
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Re: [GB] Metakey TENET (70%) Keyboard | GB ending on 06/25/2022 23:59 EST
« Reply #2 on: Fri, 24 June 2022, 21:54:47 »
GB ending on 06/25/2022 23:59 EST!


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Re: [GB] Metakey TENET (70%) Keyboard | GB concluded
« Reply #3 on: Sun, 26 June 2022, 00:52:47 »
TENET GB officially concluded! In the meantime, add-ons will still be available for purchase until 07/02/2022.

If you need to add extra parts:
1. You can self-service by placing separate order for add-ons.
2. All add-ons have free shipping and they will be shipped with your main kit!
3. Make sure you use the same account to place add-on order (this way we know you have placed TENET keyboard order. Otherwise, when we review orders we may cancel your order)
4. No need to email us for combine order, (unless you used different accounts), we will automatically group your orders with your account id.
5. You can email us for 20% shipping discount if you placed more than one TENET Keyboard order.

Deadline for all changes are 07/02/2022.

 Thank you for all your support!