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Re: NOW OPEN SOURCE!!! swill's plate building tool []
« Reply #2250 on: Sat, 29 August 2020, 02:18:59 »
Looking for some help getting the builder to draw my plate.

Here's my KLE:

["Esc",{x:1},"F1","F2","F3","F4",{x:0.5},"F5","F6","F7","F8",{x:0.5},"F9","F10","F11","F12",{x:0.25},"PrtSc","Scroll Lock","Pause\nBreak"],
[{w:1.75},"Caps Lock","A","S","D","F","G","H","J","K","L",":\n;","\"\n'",{w:2.25},"Enter"],
[{w:2.25},"Shift","Z","X","C","V","B","N","M","<\n,",">\n.","?\n/",{w:2.75},"Shift",{x:1.25, _c:"0"},"↑"],

I'm trying to add a rounded rectangle cut out relative to the up arrow key.

I plug in some settings:

(Attachment Link)

but then I get this output:

(Attachment Link)

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've read the documentation multiple times but I'm still coming up short.

As far as I understand, I've defined the arrow key as the relative to point, left the first relative to field blank, and filled in the second relative to field whose numbers should be relative to the center of the switch I defined earlier. But no cut is made. I tried switching it to other layers(for a sandwich case) like the bottom to see if its actually making the cut but it still isnt.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

I think custom cutouts are broken right now. Adding material seems to work, but cutouts don't. It looks like the bug was introduced back in January :
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