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Another request for you to consider PCB pin size to be like those by KBDfans so that I can solder the China-made hotswap receptacles on it. That can be the best plate-mount solution for me.

you mean this one. I see, the PCB dimensions seem to be a bit bigger. that's not a problem, because of the wide frame there is enough room inside the case. however the hotswap elements seem to add quite ab it of extra hight/need more space under the pcb. so they might touch the bottom of the case. I'll check when I get the samples.
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] Matrix Lab Abel+ Ver.Dark (In Production)
« Last post by kjh2696 on Wed, 24 January 2018, 03:01:55 »
hello frosty
can i know when shipping can start? (before china newyears day or after?)

For cosmetic finish options on steel, powdercoating is a pretty common and relatively low cost option, with good variety of colours available. Most sheet metal fabs should be able to do powdercoat finishes (or have a preferred outsourcer for doing so). Most automotive garages or body shops will offer this service as well. Worth looking into if you want a nice cosmetic finish.

For what it's worth, I don't think galvanised steel is a good option, as the typical surface finish is not what I'd call visually pleasing. And galvanising is an operation that's done on mild steel, not stainless steel anyway... It's used to provide some protection from the elements, not for aesthetic.

All correct and well explained. I did powdercoating more than once before. The aesthetic of the plate is not the main concern for me - I just don't want it to shine/reflect through the keycap gaps. Powdercoating is a concern because the added thickness might make the installation of QMX clips quite difficult. But since QMX clips aren't really used by many, especially after we see so many silent switch versions, I probably might go for it instead of galvanizing. Wanna make a decision today. Anyone here who loves his QMX clips?

I have some QMX clips, tried them for a bit and removed them. Decent stopgap but they're not as effective as MX Silent switches, and are a pain to install and remove.

Cool if you're a casual user just trying to get a more effective silencing mod than o-rings, but people who want a silent board more than likely already have access to MX silent switches and foam insulating material for cases.

Powdercoated plates should be a little tighter, but iirc Cherry spec holes are generous enough that switches should still fit without any problems unless you really overdo it. In any case you could always try getting one plate coated and do a spot check with a handful of different switches.

you are totally right, powdercoating is the most reasonable choice here. sometimes just hard for me to actually make the decision. thanks for helping me get there  :thumb:
the difference in price of making one unit versus a lot is just crazy.

You need make 5 pcs minimum for prototyping to save cost or make contract with vendor if you will make minimum more +10pcs after 1 unit done. It will save money for prototyping.

Thank you so much! This came just in time. Instead of one 60% and one 75%, I changed to five 60% (two different tops). Now I pay less but get more, you just saved me money.
My contact at the factory got really pissed because of the many changes, but now it's rolling  :thumb:
I can weigh the prototype - which is completely assembled.

Please do so when possible.

I just ordered this.
Keyboards / Re: G81-3283HBD
« Last post by Daniel Beardsmore on Wed, 24 January 2018, 02:40:23 »
I would have thought that this would be too specialist to justify the cost of creating double-shot moulds, but apparently not.
can this be had with out Bluetooth? As its just a feature I never use and would add to the overall price.. also what sort of price tag are we looking at. Overall this thing looks amazing thought.
Interest Checks / Re: [IC]Espectro - 96 - $225 - Come look at the prototype!!!!!
« Last post by HotRoderX on Wed, 24 January 2018, 02:38:13 »
Is this going to be a group buy or a FCFS sale? I have read both and batting it back and forth. I don't need a Numpad.. but I do want a 96 board for my collection. Choices choices! Also special if the colors are right. Perhaps could even use it for my godspeed build I am working on. I was going to do tada but kinda want something bigger now.
From the render, it looks like the switches are going to be mounted with the LEDs on top?  R3 GMK keys will have some conflicts on bottoming out on the LEDs if LEDs are installed, correct?

I didn't notice before, but yes, that would be a problem.  Unfortunately I cannot buy a board with switches placed in this orientation because of reasons mentioned above.

We will be changing them to south facing leds.
Keyboards / Re: Alps Appreciation Thread
« Last post by chyros on Wed, 24 January 2018, 02:27:27 »
Here's a question for y'all:

Why doesn't someone make a good reproduction of Alps Blues? Everyone's so wacky over them, and vintage boards with them command such silly high prices.

Could it be that hard for one of these many clone-makers to reproduce them down to the last detail? They seem to have done that with everything else. I'd buy some.
Because they think they can get away with a simplified, cheaper design without people noticing.
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