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Keyboards / Re: [News] REΛLFORCE R2
« Last post by _PixelNinja on Fri, 27 April 2018, 03:45:09 »
For ****s sake topre, just license the usage of the technology or something to 3rd companies so we can have more keyboard designs. That's why we can't have nice things.

As mentioned above, Topre does license their technology. Their collaborators being/having been Leopold, PFU, Ducky and Cooler Master. You have to see Topre as an engine manufacturer, rather than a car manufacturer, if you see what I am getting at. They are however very conservative with their technology, and from what my contact at Cooler Master told me back when I was beta testing the Novatouch, very difficult to work with.

PFU and Leopold don't make Topre keyboards. They are just partners that can sell keyboards that have capacitive switches and because of this partnership the HHKB and FCxxxC series exist. The only manufacturer is Topre and will always be Topre (unless you want to sued)

Actually PFU and Leopold do make Topre keyboards. There are some variances in which parts are provided, but Topre will manufacture the the core components (plungers, housings, rubber domes, springs, PCB, keycaps) and supply them to PFU and Leopold.

If I recall, the majority of the FCXXXC boards are manufactured in china (Supposedly in the same place as Varmilo), and then "inspected in Japan." I can't say for PFU considering they're also a Japanese company, but they do build differently than Topre builds their RFs, so who knows.

Until 2014, the FC660M was made in China by Varmilo. Leopold let Varmilo go after they tried to sell FC660Ms with Varmilo stickers. Leopold relocated the fabrication of the 2015 units to Taiwan and Varmilo came out with the VA68 form factor. The FC660C has thus far been made in China. The new upcoming units will be made in Japan.
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] Group Buy - KP PBT Dyesub (Two tone light/medium grey)
« Last post by Petch on Fri, 27 April 2018, 03:39:48 »
Pls change R2 backspace from <[] to <---

It also seems to be 1.75u instead of 1.5u?

Also please change R3 Control from "Ctrl" to "Control". "Ctrl" on a 1.75u key just looks... lonely

I have the sizes of the keys listed right below just like GMK does with their renders. What size is that backspace supposed to be? And I did mistakenly leave out the back arrow so I'll add that when I get a chance to update the render.

Yeah, R3 "Ctrl" was a mistake too. Will update with a new render once I have time.

R2 backspace should be the same size as \|, which is 1.5u

That is, if you're trying to cover HHKB. Maybe there's some newfangled layout that uses a R2 1.75u backspace that I'm unaware of  :D
Making Stuff Together! / Re: IBM 4704 Keyboard Converter
« Last post by hasu on Fri, 27 April 2018, 03:37:13 »
Added IBM4704 50-key(6019273) support on keymap editor.
TMK Keyboard Service / Re: [TMK] Keyboard Protocol Converter
« Last post by hasu on Fri, 27 April 2018, 03:25:44 »

Added IBM4704 50-key(6019273) support on keymap editor.
Keyboards / Re: What is your system for rotating keyboards/switches?
« Last post by thokir on Fri, 27 April 2018, 03:21:39 »
I have multiple boards with different layouts and completely different switches.
Right now I am typing on my planck with vintage blacks, probably gonna keep it on my desk for a week or two, maybe a month. When I feel like 'oh, I have to use one of my other boards' I'll look at them and then decide which one I'd like to use next. Sometimes I switch between two boards for a couple of months, sometimes I circle through them twice in a month.
The only thing that happens on regular basis for me is sticking to the planck a bit longer than to the other boards.
Keyboards / Re: What is your system for rotating keyboards/switches?
« Last post by davkol on Fri, 27 April 2018, 03:20:30 »
I don't rotate keyboards. I do use different keyboards for different tasks or under different circumstances.

typing at my desk
  • ErgoDox
otherwise (typing on top of my laptop or on my thighs in an armchair, playing old games with rigid/expansive control schemes)
  • when I need silence: TypeMatrix (with a ¿silicone? skin)
  • when I need to type a lot: Phantom with 7bit layout (i.e., lots of thumb keys for symbol layers)
  • mainly gaming: Noppoo Choc Mini (because it's kind of "normal", including Fx keys aligned with the number row)

I use almost any other keyboard only for typing tests for fun every now and then.
geekhack Media / Re: What did you get in the mail today?
« Last post by Halverson on Fri, 27 April 2018, 03:14:13 »
wooowww.  people are gonna regret *****ing about the price and sleeping on this.

Show Image

Of course naas has one of those cuties :)
Maybe one day I’ll be as cool....or cooler ;)
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] MARS 8.0 (sorting and shipping)
« Last post by geewizwow on Fri, 27 April 2018, 03:09:30 »
Taking shape

Interest Checks / Re: [IC] GMK Coniferous R2 - Bonsai kit
« Last post by watchy0ubac on Fri, 27 April 2018, 03:00:48 »
I also think the Bonsai and U9 should stay separate, it's likely just add too much of an extra cost for someone who just want Bonsai alphas and not the U9 mods. Not sure how much it'd change the price of the U9 kit, but it might be best to just add the missing keys to fill the set out.
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