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Keyboard Keycaps / Re: Which sets work with which layouts?
« Last post by karenwood13 on Mon, 20 March 2023, 17:28:35 »
Choosing the right car seat for your child is an important decision. Make sure to consider all of these factors before making a purchase. Your child's safety is the most important thing, so take your time and make sure that you get the right car seat for your child.
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] GMK Tea Witch (UPDATE) 2 base kits !
« Last post by diorite on Mon, 20 March 2023, 16:35:48 »
IC form needs updating for the current kit spread. The dark base is really nice but I think that it might be a better fit with latin alphas to maintain that clean look. I also just feel like having different alphas for separate sets is a bit indecisive. Either make latin or weeb alphas the default and then potentially offer alternative alpha kits. Of course there are already a lot of different kits so probably just need to commit one way or the other. And if we're going by the "its a weeb set" logic then why isn't the base kit weeb and the alternative dark colorway latin? To be clear I think I'd buy the dark set with either alphas, and if there were renders to compare I might actually prefer the sublegends but it seems an odd choice to have different alphas for the two different sets.

It's also seems nice on the one hand to be able to pick your accent kit or grab both but it feels like there is a clear optimal set for each. The green accents only really go with the dark base and the other accents would be a better default fit with the light base. Why not just drop the spacebars (I have a feeling no one is going to use the green spacebars anyway) and include the accents with their respective sets?

I think the kitting in general needs some work. Seems very counter intuitive to leave out accents in favor of alice and spacebar support. Like just make a spacebar kit (drop the green spacebars) and give us accents. I also think with this many different kits and options the numpad should be left off. I could be off base on some of this but I think many more people would prefer accents in the base kit than alice support or a numpad. Look at the kitting of honor for example. They didn't even have accents to worry about either and they just completely did away with numpad support and put the spacebars with the novelties to streamline the kitting and keep the cost low. Just my two cents. Beautiful colorway, just think it needs a bit more of a clear direction.
Here is a nice F77 Silver Gray case color with blue and dark gray custom keycaps.  Sharing with permission.
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] ePBT Hellas GB Ended
« Last post by soul_crate on Mon, 20 March 2023, 16:18:02 »
The blue looks way lighter than the render Image, not liking this. Is the samples final?
Off Topic / Chatb00t
« Last post by tp4tissue on Mon, 20 March 2023, 15:48:38 »
What happens when we just don't know who we're talking to ?

Do we default back to slow live interactions. Calling our grandmas/aunties

Or is chatb0t going to become accurate enough such that it obsolesces human-human interaction all together.

The design from Matrix is always perfect!
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] Metakey TENET (70%) Keyboard | GB concluded
« Last post by hzh0525 on Mon, 20 March 2023, 15:38:01 »
The shipping finally start soon~
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] MW Hayastan ♱
« Last post by savageastr0naut on Mon, 20 March 2023, 15:32:30 »
Hello everyone,

MW Hayastan is LIVE today! Most vendors already have their product pages up and the rest should have theirs up soon.

I'm waiting on moderator approval for the GB thread, so we'll utilize the IC thread for now. If you have any questions or if I can help with anything, then post here, message me, reach out via Discord, or send me an Instagram DM. I'll post my contact information below.

You can purchase MW Hayastan via your local vendor.

North AmericaMechs & Co.
United Kingdomproto[Typist]

Discord: savageastr0naut | Mechs & Co#1230

շնորհակալություն (Thank You)
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] Venn - 65% keyboard (AVAILABLE INSTOCK @ TYPEPLUS)
« Last post by diorite on Mon, 20 March 2023, 15:22:57 »
Next instock sale happening tomorrow at typeplus.

I know I'm late to the party (as usual) but are there going to be subsequent in stock drops or gb runs of this? Seems the silver and blue are already snagged up.
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] Venn - 65% keyboard (AVAILABLE INSTOCK @ TYPEPLUS)
« Last post by diorite on Mon, 20 March 2023, 15:18:18 »
Is that e-white or silver in the masterpiece renders? Also, what set is that on the navy board?
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