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From some of you that may interested in watching a typing sounds video, here's one from MechMerlin's build stream earlier today. Come checking it out!
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] GMK Fright Club Volume 1: Hell Week
« Last post by Laur on Sat, 13 August 2022, 03:37:21 »
it's cool i guess, alternate base is okay.
Interest Checks / [IC] GMK Fright Club Volume 1: Hell Week
« Last post by Dotnick on Sat, 13 August 2022, 02:55:58 »

Hello everyone!
Welcome to GMK Fright Club volume 1, Hell Week, a set inspired by classic movie monsters from old Hollywood horror up to present day.

Don't talk about it, you know rule #1.



No. 1/60 by Keycult

PulsarXT by Zepsody

No. 2 by Keycult

Ibis by Hiney

Manta by Dotnick & Zepsody

NK65v2 - aluminum edition in Alien Green

NK87 - aluminum edition in Cosmic Purple


Sampling underway, stay tuned for pictures.



Groupbuy will run from October 17th - November 4th, 2022.


Gajible for the photos of the IMSTO BoB/BoG Hangul set that originally inspired this colorway
Everyone in my discord server

Thank you for your support. Please join my discord for updates on this set and artisan collaborations!

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Interest Checks / Re: [IC] GMK Lazurite | GB Ends June 6, 2021
« Last post by Ripcord on Sat, 13 August 2022, 02:17:22 »
Where the page that tracking the status of this group buy?

Both my Griseann and Royal Alpha are missing the 1.25u Fn key. Anyone else?

BTW, Extras are up on Novelkeys.

I havenít gotten mine yet, but several of the production photos earlier in this thread seem to indicate the same problem.

Oh, rip. That's really bad if true. I mean, I guess you could use iso shift worst case, but oof. Hopefully they can be replaced for everyone.

Edit: It's there. Pointed out on discord. Probably just overlooked it.
(Attachment Link)

Thanks for pointing it out. I feel so much better!!
Keyboards / First build with TGR Tomo ; Questions and advice <3
« Last post by maehwatheworld on Fri, 12 August 2022, 23:17:03 »
So like 2 years ago, I finally decided to start buying some group buys and really build my first custom keyboard. With the last part less than a week away (TGR Tomo) I'm.. kinda stumped as to how certain things work, such as films and lubing and case foam.

The specs are :

Case : TGR Tomo
Switches : Peach Blooms (JWK Linears)
Films : TX (Both 125 and 150)
Keycaps : GMK
Stabilizers : Staebies
Lube : Both 205 and 105

Anyways, some questions!

Tomo has both a top mount and a o ring mount option. I'm leaning towards top mounting because it seems like it is more "full" or like.. solid feeling? I'm not really sure the difference between the two.

Tomo also comes with case foam. Is this something I should add, or do people prefer high quality cases like that without?

I bought both the aluminum and polycarb plate for it. I'm leaning more towards aluminum because I've seen multiple people recommend it with JWK switches. I've also seen people say they prefer PC plates for linears tho. Another thing I thought about was.. would an aluminum plate be more susceptible to electro static bricking?

I also bought both hotswap and solder PCBS, but I think I'd prefer hotswap and maybe I'll change to solder another day when I know more :)

I've seen people say JWK linears benefit greatly from .15mm films, but I've also heard people say peach blooms have a rather tight housing and thus would have no benefit from films, what do you guys think?

What about lube? What lube do I use for the stabs, stems, springs, and everything else? I have no idea where to start on that. At first I was just going to throw 205 lube on everything lmao. Someone told me that there is like a "creamy" and a "clacky" way to lube it (one with 205 only, one with a mix of 205 and 105???)

Sorry for the noob questions, but I'm really excited to get my first build done! :) 
Off Topic / Re: What did you do today?
« Last post by tp4tissue on Fri, 12 August 2022, 23:09:19 »
Nice keeb atrione, make sure to scan for hot particles.

Tp4 recommends, IMI Inspector Alert V2 Geiger Counter .
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] GMK Frost Witch 2
« Last post by Jubileus on Fri, 12 August 2022, 22:19:24 »
Accent bars please! It looks too naked without it
Hello! Big round of updates today, have summarised the key points at the top and included detailed thoughts on the new keyset and deskmat samples below. A few photos are included in this post, the full set can be viewed here:

Obligatory disclaimer: while I've tried my best to get accurate, representative photos in different lightings, it's still not the same as seeing the samples IRL. Final decisions will be made based on the samples in front of me, not the photos.

Keyset: Received R2 samples, am thrilled with how they came out!
- The lightest three blues have been tweaked to be lighter. The gradient is now much more visible, I'm very happy with the new colours 💙 But will be considering a bit more before approving.
- Alphas alignment has been fixed - letters now have consistent baseline as per design (R1 samples had each letter individually centered)
- Other legends have also improved, including fixed 6^ key, fixed scissors novelty, and improved alignment
- New samples of novelties not included in R1 samples - tomato, stork scissors, zigzag and X stitches - all turned out great

Deskmats: Going in to production, estimated to arrive at US vendor in October
- Received R2 samples! From the R1 samples, I had previously approved the "Sewing Tools - Yellow" mat but asked for the "Cookie Parade" and "Sewing Tools - Blue" mats to be tweaked to be a bit more purple.
- The R2 sample for "Cookie Parade" was good but the R2 sample for "Sewing Tools - Blue" over-shot and was too purple.
- Important note: The appearance of the deskmat varies a lot depending on the lighting, you can see this in the warm lighting vs indirect sunlight photos. The purple tones shows up better under warm lighting, and also doesn't show up as well in photos.
- I decided to approve the R2 "Cookie Parade" colour and the R1 "Sewing Tools - Blue" colour ☑️ the mats will be going into production in the next week or two
- Estimated ~20 days production + ~40 days shipping to the US (likely faster to other vendors) = estimated arrival October

THOK Knobs: Shipping to vendors from THOK, estimated to arrive with vendors in 2-3 weeks
Previously, the production of yellow knobs was complete but the brass knobs were delayed. THOK has now received the brass knobs and has shipped out all knobs to vendors.

Asero collab artisan: In production, estimated completion late August / early September

Detailed thoughts on keyset samples
I had requested 5 main changes from the R1 samples, they were addressed as follows:
1. Tweak colour matching for the lightest two blues (make them a bit lighter/brighter). In fact, all colours were updated - the three lightest blues are all noticably be lighter. I originally thought the third lightest blue was already a good Pantone match, but this new gradient is definitely overall better. This also means the alphas are a bit brighter, since the legends on the alphas are the third lightest blue.

The other colours (darkest blue + yellow) look almost the same but are very slightly different - it's not very evident from a top view, but more obvious when comparing the keycap sides together. The yellow is a little less orange, while the blue is a bit more saturated.

It turns out that Keyreative used a new colour printing software for these samples, hence why all colours were adjusted. I'm very happy with the new gradient but am taking a bit more time to make sure before locking them in. I have been checking the colours under different lightings and overall I feel they match the Pantones and the vision for the set very well, much better than the R1 samples.

There are some small tweaks that could be made to the individual colours (in particular, making the lightest blue a bit more purple), but when I consider the overall gradient, I'm very happy with it right now. One thing I will call out is that the darkest blue is a tad more saturated than the other colours - not too noticable when the keys are on a board, but more noticable with a "full gradient" layout (there's a picture in the album showing this.)
2. Fix alpha/letter alignment (vertically align letters with each other instead of individually centering each letter) - this is all fixed!
3. Update 6^ alignment - fixed!
4. Fix scissors novelty (hole should not be filled in) - fixed!
5. Fix cookie tin novelty (make the text slightly thinner) - unfortunately it doesn't seem like this was possible with the reverse dyesub.
Additionally, I had pointed out some issues with mis-aligned novelty legends and a couple of keys with faulty stems - no such issues in this round of samples.

The new samples also included the tomato, stork scissors, zigzag stitch, and X stitch novelties (weren't in R1 samples) which all turned out great. The printing quality continued to be very nice and crisp - all the thin lines in the novelties turned out well.

The remaining legends that haven't been sampled are the cursive text mods, other alphas (from Iso/Norde kits) and a couple of misc. novelties. I will be getting high definition pictures of samples for all kits to confirm before production.

One disclaimer about alignment - the alignment was much better in this round of samples, but some small variances are expected with due to the dye-sub process. Legends in the final production run may have small variances of <1mm.

Detailed thoughts on deskmat samples
Even more so that the keyset samples, the appearance of these mats varies a lot depending on the lighting. The purple tones shows up better under warm lighting (and also don't show up as well in photos). I've decided that the final approved colours match the set & my vision well enough either way, but to set expectations, the deskmats aren't going to be a perfect match to the renders for most lighting/setups.

The R2 900x400mm Cookie Parade sample had an issue with a non-square corner. We've confirmed with the manufacturer that the corners will be controlled more tightly during actual production.

I did consider asking for a R3 sample for "Sewing Tools - Blue" that would be in between the two existing samples, but decided against it as 1. I'm happy enough with the current colour: it matches the set well and 2. Given the overshoot with the R2 sample, I wasn't confident that a R3 sample would be worth delaying deskmat production for.
Meetups / Re: [IC] Atlanta Meetup - October 22nd?
« Last post by Pach on Fri, 12 August 2022, 20:56:32 »
i approve of this message
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