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Interest Checks / [IC]Cupid65 DLC: "Wukong" theme Titanium plate + badge
« Last post by CHAOSERA on Thu, 13 June 2024, 01:10:49 »
Hello everyone, this is CHAOSERA.

Recently, the stand-alone game "Black Myth: Wukong" developed by Game Science has been very popular.
Although the official release time is in August, the trial clips released in advance are already amazing enough.

The exquisite scene design and BOSS settings that are in line with the background of Chinese mythology
(such as Tiger Vanguard and Mi Dao Ren, I love their appearance and move design) have made many people, including me, full of expectations.

I watched the demo clips released many times, and suddenly one day I thought, the inspirations of our products Heracles TKL and Cupid65 are both from mythological stories,
so why donít I incorporate the Chinese myth Journey to the West into my products?
I quickly created something based on Cupid65's accessories.

But after looking at it for a while, I always felt that it was a bit too empty, so I made some modifications.
The new shape was selected from the image of Sun Wukong when he made trouble in Heaven.
Some details such as the crown were added to make it more majestic. The Chinese word on the back is "stubborn", which is the character trait of Sun Wukong.

This is the rendering I made.

As for the side titanium piece, I quickly determined what to paint, which was still the scene when Sun Wukong made trouble in Heaven.
Of course, we also made some modifications.

This is the rendering effect. In fact, we have not yet determined the color scheme of the side titanium sheet.
We are still communicating with suppliers to see if the lines can also be filled with color, which will have a better effect.

Well, that's all for this update.
Based on your opinions, we will decide whether to release these as Cupid65 expansion packs. Of course, please be sure to express your opinions, which is very important to us and we will actively adopt them. Thank you!
See you next time!

Welcome to join our discord to let us know your adivce:

Interest Checks / Re: [IC] 880 | Cone feet TKL
« Last post by spoonr00t on Thu, 13 June 2024, 00:59:49 »
we love cones
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] Key Kobo - Cherries | The Cherries Are Ripe
« Last post by Sensitive Works on Thu, 13 June 2024, 00:52:51 »
every doubleshot manufacturer will now offer white on burgundy

Actually the legend color is the color of cherry pits, It's not white.
Definitely a reproduction of the ibm model f 7404 107 in zinc, I thought the 104 wouldíve been the only one I needed, but if you make a 107, Iím getting that as well, without a question
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] Key Kobo - Cherries | The Cherries Are Ripe
« Last post by Sensitive Works on Thu, 13 June 2024, 00:44:51 »
Do you have a comparison for how this looks compared to other red keycaps (GMK Perestroika, GMK Blot, JTK Ride, etc)?

Sorry we haven't borrowed these caps for comparison temporarily, I'd like to compare the color with other red caps.

Don't worry,I will do it  in time after sample be produced. :D
Off Topic / Re: What are you watching? The thread about what you're watching.
« Last post by tp4tissue on Wed, 12 June 2024, 23:16:46 »
Robocop 2, totally holds up in 4k.

I am trying to put together a list of the most requested modern layouts for some possible Model F small production runs.  What are some of the newer layouts that are most popular, or classic layouts that have not yet been made?

The Preonic non-split ortholinear

The split ortho Ergodox style - hopefully another round can be made with some updates such as controller communication between halves or one controller that controls both halves

I would love to see an ergo layout along the lines of an EM.7/Alice + arrows/Arisu setup or maybe just a split ergo TKL like the LZ Ergo, FLX Virgo, etc. Would buy one if you made one!
Other Geeky Stuff / Re: Car Thread
« Last post by noisyturtle on Wed, 12 June 2024, 21:24:11 »
I absolutely love the look of the upcoming Hyundai N Vision 74. We need more of this boxy angular '80s style in modern vehicles, everything looks so similar these days.
2024/6/12 Update

Ⅲ. Overall appearance & color selection

The layered side lines are a major design highlight of the Eau75R1.
The sides of the Eau75V1 consist of multiple sets of gentle curves, comfortable and natural.
In contrast, the side lines of the Eau75V2 are more aggressive, stacking rich layers with strong, bold lines.

If the side lines of the Eau75R1 are like a slow, gentle stream, soft and elegant, akin to water flowing leisurely through a forest path,
then the side lines of the Eau75V2 are like a turbulent current, strong and powerful, resembling a rushing torrent plunging down a towering cliff.

The Eau75V2 will offer three parts for color matching: the top case, bottom case, and rear weight. Each of these parts will be available in four to five colors.

Originally, our plan was to offer 4-5 attractive color options for you to choose from, just like before.
However, during our discussions with the designer about color schemes, we realized that the layered and textured sides of the Eau75V2 look amazing in various color combinations.
So, we decided to take the plunge and give you the freedom to choose your own color combinations.

With this approach, including the three different counterweight styles, there will be hundreds of possible combinations.
You could fully enjoy (and agonize over) the fun of customizing your keyboard using the color preview website below.(Will relese once we done.)

Ⅳ. Weights
We offer three different materials for the counterweights: aluminum and stainless steel

Aluminum weight:
The aluminum counterweight features a 220-grit anodized finish, providing a delicate and silky touch.
It is engraved with the English signature "Eau," giving it a simple and elegant look.

Stainless Steel weight:
The stainless steel counterweight will undergo mirror polishing and be adorned with laser-engraved patterns.
The design is inspired by two intertwining streams, echoing the original meaning of "Eau."

Ⅴ. Special Feature: Unique Keycap

To be honest, the 75% layout offers limited space for front-side design.
To avoid making the front look too plain, we have added a small feature based on this theme.
In the upper right corner of the keyboard, we have created a small nameplate with key functionality.
The nameplate has two stems underneath, allowing it to be directly mounted on switches and pressed.
You can decide whether to keep its key functionality via the VIA software.

Welcome to our discord to learn more:
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] KKB Skidata Neo | GB Live Now!
« Last post by garrdub on Wed, 12 June 2024, 21:07:36 »
I'm in for a base, R5 and alert. James keep saving the hobby please.
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