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geekhack Media / Re: Keyboard pixel art things.
« Last post by katotaka on Fri, 22 June 2018, 04:30:34 »
Just made my own version

of my CF TKL+NP set
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] E8-V1 Custom TKL - SORTING THE BOARDS
« Last post by balotelli00 on Fri, 22 June 2018, 04:29:39 »
Soooo...  Is there even a slight hope that Quang is still going to continue this? or should we just consider this a loss?
Not even excluisive is gonna do anything about this?
I keep going back to have a listen from music of my past and it's like listening to the morning news.

Interesting, your journey was death metal (guessing, don't watch the news but everytime I catch a bit someone's dead) to [something positive]?  Mine was pop-punk to metal and it's a good metaphore for my life - fast, simple and optimistic to slower, complex and bleak.  It's fun to go back but doesn't change anything.
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: 【GB】JER-A06(80% and 20% pad)
« Last post by mkarlsson on Fri, 22 June 2018, 04:23:10 »
I saw ISO is supported but havenít seen a pic that has the split left shift, is that supported?

I don't know, but since it's just PCB mount 99% assuming it will

Thanks! But would like to be 100% sure it does, not a cheap board...

Can OP confirm?

Got a PM from shower_king and seems that full EU ISO is supported, with its left split shift.

Joined in!
Is it possible to have something like the spacebars/keys set a lot of SP sets have?

Example from SA Green Screen.

I love split space bar layout which makes use of the 2.25 and 2.75 blanks. Would love to see something like this for Maxkey sets.
Interest Checks / Re: GMK Good Kid
« Last post by holan791 on Fri, 22 June 2018, 04:14:48 »
Let do it with icon mod, bro.
Tell me, how would you do to output "Ž" ?
You can hold Alt and type 137 on your numberpad, this can be done in a macro in the firmware.  Full list of codes :)
TMK Keyboard Service / Re: [TMK] HHKB Alt Controller
« Last post by hasu on Fri, 22 June 2018, 03:55:37 »
Thanks for your reply hasu.

I can see that the response time of the HHKB is listed at ~16 ms. Will installing a new controller not affect this (positively or negatively)? Or is the delay due to the sensing circuit?

It is scan rate, that is, original HHKB scans all keys on its matrix per 16ms.
This Alt controller emulates this behaviour basically by default. You will be able to configure firmware to scan upto twice faster safely, but I don't know if it works properly at further faster rate.
Yes, Topre capacitive sensing chip defines upper limit of this rate.
Input Devices / Re: Yo Trackballers: CST LTrac, Elecom Huge Or... ?
« Last post by Leslieann on Fri, 22 June 2018, 03:45:34 »
I'm a big fan of my Kensington Orbit w/ scroll ring.
I just got mine today... and this is going to be a harsh counter point.

I had an older Kensington Expert (?) (it was nice, but shaped like a box), used/owned a couple Logitech trackballs (my mom still has one of them), used a generic here and there and I just got one of the Orbits with scroll ring. It's the first Kensington product I've bought that I thought was GARBAGE and is one of the absolute worst trackballs I've ever used. Even after some work it still ranks near the bottom of my list.

Mine is used but so was almost every other trackball I've used or owned and even that doesn't explain some of the issues with it. The ball not spinning smooth was from gunk buildup, but the buttons creaked, squeaked and bound, and the ring wasn't much better. There's nothing between the ring and body and uses the same plastic on each half so it doesn't glide (should have used two different plastics for less friction) and has no dust seal so any dust that gets in and just grinds (this is a common problem). I cleaned out the ball rollers (plastic, not ceramic) and added some lube, then lubed the ring so it would glide instead of plastic on plastic grinding (and maybe flush the dirt out), but the buttons are where it gets really interesting.

I had to disassemble it and actually grind a teeny bit off of the tabs for clearance to make them smooth, now I know why they used Torqs screws  (too short of ones at that) to hold it together, they were hoping no one would look inside. Through hole components, including the chips, no Omron switches, and nothing securing them in place but the pins. I'm not trying to be snobbish, but considering there's no fancy buttons, and few injection molded parts I really expected this to be a bit better considering the age and price. I have 7 year old $20 wireless mice with better and more modern construction. I'm not saying it doesn't work but I was a bit shocked to see this type of construction in this day and age, even 7 years ago when this debuted that would have been very old construction.  I'm  kind of surprised a company in China still even makes through hole like this (they still sell this model!).

I know I'm being harsh, and it will work for what I intend to do with it (embed it in a cad specific mini keyboard), but I'm in a bit of shock at how bad it is compared to what I was expecting, especially considering how good my last one was and how good other Kensington stuff has been. This thing seems like it was engineered down to the 1000th of a penny by some bean counter who didn't care about the outcome. After all my work, it now works like I expected to get in the package, not how I expected it to work after I spent a half hour cleaning and lubing it.

Can you believe this was released in 2010, much less still being made?
Keyboards / topre 45g alternatives
« Last post by ju6ju8Oo on Fri, 22 June 2018, 03:40:30 »
I know there aren't exact matches but I am looking for a cherry mx compatible switch that weighs and feels similar to topre 45g.

How do you compare mx clear, Ergo clear, box brown, box royal, zealios or other switches to topre 45g?
And topre 45g feels heavier than a cherry brown, what spring should I use when I mod a switch?
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