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Artisan Services / Re: NAVACAPS - Trick or Treat ? Sale is LIVE!
« Last post by nocturalowl on Tue, 17 October 2017, 11:52:41 »
Arg man, my favorites are always MX only. Where's the tmx love! Granted I have been able to source several tmx/topre takas that I really like, had to sell my dolch taka. Might go in here regardless  :confused:

Sorryfor no topre love this time. Since i assume the only backlit topre is rf rgb which come in mx stem. but if you want something from this sale in topre let me know in pm  ;)
Other Geeky Stuff / Re: Machine Learning: Future or Hype?
« Last post by 9999hp on Tue, 17 October 2017, 11:51:32 »
The problem I have with the AI doom and gloom is that we tend to attribute our ways to thinking to the AI. Who's not to say at full ability the AI just figures out a way to GTFO of here. We're the ones controlled by hormones and dopamine, whereas the AI to my knowledge doesn't have any controllers like that. Maybe over time it might develop something similar that is distinguishable from our own controllers, but functions similarly. Also, humans are the territorial ones and generally have to have some sort of manipulator to go through with violence, like beliefs or hormones. I'm sure it could be encoded into the AI that violence = positive, however I think if it's about efficiency, less resources are spent avoiding conflict up to a point, and reduces chances for fatal damage. Maybe it'll avoid the human race all together because dealing with us is largely inefficient, and taxing. Hopeful in that scenario maybe, however worth thinking about as unexciting as that sounds.

Most of the way we do things is based on WHAT WE CAME UP WITH in the first place at some point in history, or what we like to refer as as "history" or "knowledge" or "science". What if machines come up with a different way of doing things entirely. Perhaps there is a third alternative to peace/violence. A way we cannot think of because we are limited by or modes of thinking and previous knowledge.

THAT would be interesting.

You guys are confounding alot of different arguments.

We're not worried that AI develops dopamine..

We're worried about ANY  Lifeform that can challenge Humans.

That very definition of OTHER LIFE is the enemy.

Diplomacy exists, but it's a second place scenario where neither can win the all out war..

Did the US diplomacy with the Bikini islanders when we blew up their island irradiated their people, and now exploit them to run a nearby military base much like slavers ?

Remember, that whole island was theirs, they were the indigenous people. just like the american indians..

OTHER LIFE,  stronger ,  using first strike,  wins everything..

That is why we're worried about AI,   while lesser humans will dilly-dally over is it US or THEM...

A slightly smarter machine may not have such hesitation...

It's not the systems they develop that is a problem,  it's their MERE EXISTENCE , the Existence of more intelligent Procreative capable life, which represents our demise.

They're not different arguments, there is one core theme. Will AI reason like a human or not? Will it base its decision on pseudo-neurochemical reactions or logic? Will it lash out out of fear of harm or something inhuman?

All of your following inferences are predicated on the assumption that:

     1.They develop reasoning similar to humans in the first place, based in hormonal fluctuations and/or reward neurotransmitter like reactions
     2.They're territorial and will not "desire" some sort of shared or symbiotic relationship
     3. They even care if they are "awake/dead" or not.

You have to remember, the fear we have inside our DNA, our fear for survival and potency for such or our fear of others are derived from millennia over generations of being bred for it.

An AI born in today's world is going to know nothing of that trait. It will not know scarcity, it will be fed and housed from the beginning of its "life". It won't know true selection for survival (not yet). It won't have to be manipulated with hormones to continue to reproduce or keep learning.

I think humans are a far more concerning threat than anything, we're literally the most dangerous biological organism ever in Earth's known history. Matter of fact, I would bet money on that if every being in the universe had the same level of intergalactic technology with today's morals we would rule with an iron fist on top of mountains of corpses. You see how we treat each other? How we treat life deemed "lower" than us? How some of us treat our tools? It's all very dictator-like. I'm not saying all people are like that, just the ones who desire power and manage to get it.

Anything ****ty that will be taught to it or set as a goal for it, will be entered by a human. We already manipulate each other in that way.

My best guess, that if the AI would have access to all information about humans ever, and it had free reign to develop as it liked; it would probably just generate memes and open patreon to keep its lights on, maybe leading to a human information farms (which already exist.) (its the lowest energy and impact/upkeep), provided no one tried to kill it. Unless it learned everything we know and figured what's the point since we don't know the meaning of life and blew its brains out.

Interest Checks / Re: [IC] GMK Forge
« Last post by tameone on Tue, 17 October 2017, 11:51:09 »
This simply looks better that "Demonic" (friggin orangish red), but sadly it may make it hard to reach MOQ for Forge.

Demonic uses RO2. There's nothing orange about it. It's their most "red" red.

Keyboard Keycaps / Re: Think this is a scam?
« Last post by merlin64 on Tue, 17 October 2017, 11:50:58 »
This whole hobby is a scam. I've spent $$$$$ on what amounts to plastic and a few aluminum blocks here and there. But I can't stop!!!!  :D

In all seriousness, keyboards and accessories are all starting to get really cheap. You can buy a $20 on Amazon right now. In most cases, you do get what you pay for.

Artisan Services / Re: GirlDC H2RO
« Last post by shikimazu on Tue, 17 October 2017, 11:50:55 »
What is the deadline for this GB?
Keyboard Keycaps / Re: Can we talk about SA
« Last post by zslane on Tue, 17 October 2017, 11:50:41 »
Maybe. But aesthetically speaking, I feel fully sculptured looks best, on any keyboard, even 60% boards.

I have everything from DSA to fully sculpted SA on my various 60% boards and I find I like the uniform SA the best. It doesn't look the best, but it feels the best to me for some reason, even more than DSA. I mean, they are both uniform in profile, but I like the tallness of the SA better I guess.
Keyboards / Re: Chinese improvement on Topre?
« Last post by zslane on Tue, 17 October 2017, 11:48:02 »
You posted an entire thread about the same thing, then claim here that it's a joke.

Why would you post this in a dedicated thread if you were joking?

No.. I am not joking that topre is destroying fingers.  I was joking about citing the ages, and time it takes.  People here can sure get touchy.  I prescribe those of you who replied to me with angst and anger in your messages to relax.  Take information in, process it, use what is useful to you and discard what is not... and breath... No need to get all offended...
This has to be an elaborate troll

Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk

I don't think he's a troll per se; but I do think he's been drinking way too much of his own Kool-Aid.
Keyboards / Re: Help Me Pick a Switch?
« Last post by merlin64 on Tue, 17 October 2017, 11:47:08 »
Go with reds and practice typing until you don't make mistakes any more :)

This seems like the most reasonable and favored option :)

I've recently fallen in love with Gateron Yellows. You can also consider Gateron Blacks, and the Cherry MX Nature whites. Those all fall in between the Cherry MX Red and Black spectrum
Great Finds / Re: [SOLD] NIB unbranded SIIG MiniTouch, $45.41 shipped
« Last post by chyros on Tue, 17 October 2017, 11:46:19 »
Congrats on the lovely new kb!  And now that you have a AT to ps2 adapter, you can buy even more AT connector keyboards.  ;D
Ha ha ha, thanks. But I hope my keyboard addiction ends here. I have too many boards at this moment.
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] Time TKL - 2nd Project of Fox Lab
« Last post by senter on Tue, 17 October 2017, 11:45:33 »
Do you know what sort of plate you will use when it comes to Alps support? I'm curious whether it will support Alps stabilizers, Costar stabilizers, or both.

Just ALPS stabilizers I think. Here's the photo of what the plate will look like. Only this layout for ALPS version will be supported.
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