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I have never received any email. Does that mean if we don't email our address to Tam's brother then our keyboard will not be shipped?

He mentioned something about who send the email first then their boards would be in the first batch or I'm misunderstood.
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] Duck TC-V3
« Last post by tanvir175 on Wed, 25 April 2018, 11:16:51 »
How many units do you think will be available?

either 50 or 100.

Are Duck's normally FCFS or raffle?
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] GMK SERIKA | Update #3 Final kit update
« Last post by Zambumon on Wed, 25 April 2018, 11:11:28 »
Thanks for the update; I love that more sets are getting their own desk mats. I got a question though: what's the difference between RAL and Pantone matching?

It's a German standard. The RAL Design colors are arranged based on hue, lighting and chroma.

So the thing about deskmats from novelkeys is that shipping outside of the US (to Europe to be specific) costs more than the mat itself.
The Violet Tendencies GB somehow made it possible to get the deskmat from the European proxy for a reasonable price, so please make this happen too. <3

I am really excited to be able to collab here! These are some of the best deskpads that I have seen in terms of design. It just really translates well. I cant wait for everyone to be able to see them!
Then show us now! Can't wait  :))

You'll have to wait just a little bit, we just want to make sure that everything is alright before showing them.
every buyer gets the Planck kit for blank.

Does the planck kit include any Convex keycaps?
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] CA66 Custom Keyboard Kit(Manufacturing)
« Last post by donut_sauce on Wed, 25 April 2018, 11:05:31 »
Anyone know the rough dimensions of this keyboard? Looking to get a sleeve made for it.
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] S7-Elephant 70% custom keyboard!
« Last post by tanvir175 on Wed, 25 April 2018, 11:05:03 »
This is pretty nice. Would like to see renders from other angles, as others have said.
Probably not. This thread is as dead as Avicii

oh cmon..
I guess it's too soon  :(

Yeah, dude. That's messed up.

I'm on GH to feel broke, not sad :(
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] CA66 Custom Keyboard Kit(Manufacturing)
« Last post by donut_sauce on Wed, 25 April 2018, 11:04:15 »
Anyone plan to custom-made their own badge? I'd love to have my own design badge for this keyboard.

I'm definitely planning on making my own resin badges  :-X

probably cold cast...put a little patina on it....yes...
Would you be up for doing a raffle of those?:)
geekhack Media / Post your Korean Keyboard ^_^
« Last post by Belfong on Wed, 25 April 2018, 11:04:02 »
My first GON!

Itís a beautiful keyboard! I love that metallic aluminum. It really make the keyboard very attractive. And I finally can put the Toxic set to good use. Itís so matching.

Show Image

Show Image

Show Image

PS - What is the default Fn key combo to control the LED lights?

Did you pick it up second hand or have you been waiting on an order for years?

The keyset, artisan, board combo looks excellent btw
I bought it from seller in GH. Probably Iím the third owner. Condition is excellent and the MX Clear, which is already my favorite, 62g lubed is feeling really good.
geekhack Media / Re: What did you get in the mail today?
« Last post by HPE1000 on Wed, 25 April 2018, 11:03:45 »
Show Image

1300 Retools :))
Think you got enough?
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