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Interest Checks / [IC]Kyūbi Keyboard Kit
« Last post by Aregs Keyboard on Fri, 01 December 2023, 03:40:15 »
Kyūbi Keyboard Kit
NLandkeys & Krytex Manu & Keygeek& & Bsun & JWICK & Haimu & Huanuo

Hello! I'm Aregs.Here is NLandkeys
This is a short IC that doesn't contain much information, we'll add it later and hope to see your suggestions!

One alu tented Alice keyboard
+ One 75% keyboard
+one pad
+5 type switches(total 500pcs switches)


Clacky:Keygeek switches x 100pcs
Poppy:Bsun switches x 100pcs
Thocky:JWK switches x 100pcs
Tactile:Haimu switches x 100pcs
Silent:Huanuo  switches x 100pcs

It's a total of three keyboard kits with different layouts and 500 switches with different sounds and feel types, for a total of only $219!

Double Weight Design
Now most budget keyboard back are very boring, nothing very bright design, we don't want to compromise on the design for the sake of low price, as you can see, we made a layered treatment in the main body and tail of the nine-tailed fox, so they can realize a lot of surprise combinations, such a nine-tailed fox double-layered weighting is very complicated, we field test, cnc to do such a pattern of time that More than the time to make a top cover, but we still control him in a very low price range, why can we sell them at such a low price? I'll explain it to you at the end, but I can tell you that even though we are so low priced, everything about our craftsmanship is up to par with a single $150+ keyboard

Kyubi Alice Keyboard

Material: Aluminum
Mounting Style: Gasket Mount
Tenting Angle: 7°
Materials: Aluminium

Colours(indicative): Anodized Black/sliver/red/yellow/Grey   Spraying Coat:Light Pink/Deep blue/White/Purple/Haze Blue

Mounting method: Gasket

Plate: 1.5mm Aluminium, Polycarbonate/4mm Polycarbonate,Aluminium

Degree Typing Angle
Front High: 19.5mm
Mode:Wired,Bluetooth 5.2, 2.4G Wireless
Plate:  Aluminium & FR4 & Polycarbonate

Via and QMK Support

Switches Details

Clacky Keygeek Switches:

PBT Bottom
Nylon Top
3.5mm Total Travel
53g 22mm springs
Brand new own mold
Color:All black

Poppy Bsun switches:
POK Stem
LY Housing
3.2mm Total Travel
58g 22mm springs

Thocky JWK Switches:
Nylon Housing
3.9mm Total Travel
45g 22mm springs

Tactile Haimu Switches
POM Housing
3.4mm Total Travel
66g 20mm springs

Silent Huanuo Switches
POM stem
Nylon Bottom
3.8mm total travel
45g 22mm springs

Why are the prices so low?

1. we found a good processing factory called Krytex, the manufacturer of Molly60, and now I've become a part of the factory, so I can get the lowest cost price even for the production of excellent keyboards

2.For Alice, my friends have already seen TypeK's high $750 price, the price is reasonable, the actual measurement down due to the tilt angle, 12kg of aluminum material can be put to use in the end only 2kg or so, which has a very big cost waste, in order to solve the problem, we nearly spent 3willion USD to open a set of forging molds to produce, and then the secondary processing, the cost is greatly reduced, but it's not the same as the cost of the keyboard. Greatly reduce the cost, but will not reduce any standard, forging is not low-cost die-casting, not aluminum extrusion mold, because die-casting mold out of the product can not do anodic oxidation process, and aluminum for tilt alice this is still not suitable!

3. We have prepared a very large amount of material to produce, in order to achieve a large number of orders brought about by the effect of scale

I say all the above to make you understand that this is not a keyboard kit that lowers the standard purely to compress the extreme price, we will send 25 prototypes to review, wait and see!

More photos:
IC Form:
Just received and tested my steezy60 SMK PCB, works great! Now waiting for my new case and plate to arrive so I can finally build something with my SMK switches! :D
Fun! Please share pics of the build when you are done with it (totally fine if you don't want to), it's always fun to see SMK builds  ;D
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] KKB Skidata neo
« Last post by masje on Fri, 01 December 2023, 03:13:31 »
I'm so in.
One suggestion is that I think the 1u Alt Gr key looks too cramped on previous sets (including my own lol). Any chance of replacing it with just a second 1u Alt?

Ah yes, was perhaps a oversight on my part... will have an extra 1u 'alt' instead.
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] KKB Skidata neo
« Last post by masje on Fri, 01 December 2023, 03:12:37 »
If Nordeuk kit doesn't make it, would you be open to adding ISO-UK to base? This is quite common for KKB, I don't think it adds much cost and gets at least for me what I want.

Yes! My original thought is to push for nordeuk sales by putting UK ISO here, but depending on how the IC goes, will either put them in base or consider buying out nordeuk kits.
Other Geeky Stuff / Re: Will Elon Musk make Twitter more chaotic than it is already ?
« Last post by Surefoot on Fri, 01 December 2023, 02:50:25 »
“What this advertising boycott is going to do is, it’s going to kill the company.”
Do not threaten us with good time ;)
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] GMK Black Snail, GMK CR / GMK L9
« Last post by NightFox99 on Fri, 01 December 2023, 02:35:06 »
ESFR kit please : french and spanish users need it
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] a hand-held keyboard: keys at your finger tips, no chords
« Last post by DonKeyShot on Fri, 01 December 2023, 02:28:18 »
dope project!

this post might fall more in line with the "Making Stuff Together" board however.

Hi EdgeOfInfinity, tnx!
About the group to post in: I am interested in feedback, but indeed also open for help if people want to. For instance, I could use some help for a the Japanese keymap.
I just went for this group.
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] GMK CYL Deathly Queen | BITE ZA DUSTO
« Last post by twitchytheinsideman on Fri, 01 December 2023, 01:59:42 »
Wow, ok. Umm hello again! I've returned from the dead lol. GH is telling me that this post is ancient.

Well anyways, I'd love to get this set to market! Starting by seeing if there is enough interest to run this! I've since updated the feedback form, just asking for advice and what kits would you buy. I've got a lot of novelty ideas down since the last feedback form! Many of the ideas are from ya'll! Thank you guys so much for your suggestions and ideas! I very much appreciated it! As for some of those ideas,

- Pink Silhouette of a cats face
- A half broken arrow "Bite za dusto"
- Pointing KQ hand "The tip of his finger can turn anything into a bomb!"
- A silhouette of KQ's shoulder piece
- A cat skull

I'll work on getting some renders once everything is polished out for the novelties! Please fill out the IC form even if you filled out the first one!

2023 Updated Feedback Form: IC Form

Interest Checks / 【IC】WIND X98 R2
« Last post by windlabs on Fri, 01 December 2023, 01:46:09 »
Hello, we are wind studio.
First of all, thanks for your all love and support on wind x98.Many people asked that if we will release wind x98 r2, a year later, we decided to start
wind x98 r2 group buy after this IC. Let us see what surprises we bring you this time on wind x98 r2.

We add a new square logo on upper left corner,provide two different top case appearances for your choice. Those who like previous X logo also can
choose X logo shape case.

Front accent pieces are available in PC and brass material. PC material for those who want a CAPS indicator light.The light can adjust and turn off.
If you do not want caps light, you can choose to buy a brass front accent piece.

The weight is still brass material, and add X% design,hope we can provide you more prefect product in the future.

2.Add southpaw version
We consider max compatibility between normal version and southpaw version, except top case is not compatible,all others( foam kit, plate,foam) are compatible.
In short, if you buy normal keyboard kit and buy an extra southpaw top case, it can change to southpaw keyboard.
You can experience both normal and southpaw keyboard by replacing top case.


The wind x98 r2 still retains split pcb and plate to maintain consistent type feeling.We cancel previous flex cut pcb design, and increase thickness to 1.6mm,
also can brings better sound and feel experience.

The normal keyboard pcb is the same as southpaw keyboard pcb, available in wired hotswap pcb,bluetooth hotswap pcb with 3000mah battery ,soldered pcb.
For the hotswap pcb, without replace sockets, it can support stepped caps,7U, left shift split,ISO layout by changing the direction of switches.

Support top mount and gasket mount, 1.6mm no flex cut plate. Provide PC, FR4,Alu,Brass material.

4.Color choice
We keep previous white+pink color, grey+blue color, add new retro creamy white+brown color, all black, all white color and provide transparent case version.
X logo top case normal layout

X logo top case southpaw layout

Square logo top case normal layout

Square logo top case southpaw layout

5.More information
Group buy time: estimate on Jan,determined on GB
Group buy payment: No limited quantity and limited time, payment on our vendor list.
Case material:6063alu and transparent pc case
Case color: E-White+E-Pink(cataphoresis), E-White+E-White(cataphoresis), Creamy white(cataphoresis)+Brown 7584u(anodized),
Black+Black(anodized), Grey 416U+Blue 288U (anodized), Semitransparent(Acrylic)
Layout:65% + Numpad + F Row
Price: Wired $320, Bluetooth $335
Typing angle: 7°
Mount structure:: TOP mount and PCB gasket mount
PCB: 1.6mm no flex cut
Weight:2.5kg(except switches and keycap)
Shipping:3-6 months

Package include:
X98 keyboard case(top case/bottom case)
1.6mm No Flex Cut PCB Optional
1.5mm PC Plate
PC front accent piece
X PVD logo or Square logo
Foam kit(1mm poron + 2mm poron + 2mm hotswap foam + 0.5mm IXPE sheet + 3.5mm poron)
Gateron stabilizers set(6*2U, 1*6.25U)
Brass weight
User guide

Extra price:
Wired Hotswap PCB: $20/pcs
Bluetooth Hotswap PCB: $35/pcs
Soldered PCB: $20/pcs
Foam Kit: $10/pcs
PC Plate: $15/pcs
ALU Plate: $15/pcs
FR4 Plate: $15/pcs
Brass Plate: $25/pcs
PC Front Accent Piece: $10/pcs
Brass Front Accent piece: $10/pcs
X logo: $20/pcs
Square Logo: $20/pcs
Brass Weight: $35/pcs
X Shape logo Normal Top Upper Case: $65/pcs
Square Shape logo Normal Top Upper Case: $65/pcs
X Shape logo Southpaw Top Upper Case: $65/pcs
Square Shape logo Southpaw Top Upper Case: $65/pcs
Note: the top case do not include logo and accent piece

Check wind x98 r2 product link:

Total in all, compared with wind x98 r1, the wind x98 r2 add square logo top case, southpaw version available(southpaw pcb is the same as normal pcb),
color difference, transparent case available, CAPS indicator light pc front accent piece available, the x% weight design,
1.2mm pcb flex cut pcb change to 1.6mm no flex cut pcb.Since consider the compatible between normal and southpaw layout, so need to change internal dimensions,
all parts of wind x98 r2 is not compatible with wind x98 r1.

There will be review video before gb, join our discord and discuss anything!
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] GMK CYL Beloved | 11 Nov - 11 Dec
« Last post by mcmcmc on Thu, 30 November 2023, 23:04:54 »
GMK Beloved Mooly 20 each
Raffle start is at 2023/12/03 12:00 noon (GMT+9 , with KLC)

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