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Interest Checks / Re: [IC] TYL 4mm Brass Plate, Time to Enhance Your 60% Keyboard
« Last post by RETURNISO on Sun, 20 January 2019, 04:33:19 »
+1 black PVD
+1 Didicated ISO plate

Keep em coming Louis  :thumb:
Making Stuff Together! / Re: Dactyl-ManuForm keyboard build
« Last post by Squarism on Sun, 20 January 2019, 04:25:02 »
@Squarism thanks for nice write up, and congratulations on completed build!

1. Do you have a bottom plate on them, or the "guts" is held in place by the table surface?

2. What keycaps are those? DSA?

3. What switches are you using? I was planning on just regular Cherry MX Brown for my own build, as that's what I have in my Kinesis AD2. I know the keyboard expert Chyrosran hates them, and prefers Alps, but I really need silent switches (for office) with low weight (against hand pain), and MX mount (for best keycap compatibility). Advice?

4. If you're switching layout I'd advice to look into some more well developed iterations on Dvorak. If I would put in the effort of switching layout, I'd look into workman.

1. I have plates. r/crystalhand did that too. Excellent work.
2. Nope, they are XDA.
3. Kailh Silver Speed (now added this and (2) to the build log post), Not sure I went right here. They are super sensitive. I notice i do involuntary presses of other keys, pressing a distant one.
4. Thanks for your suggestion. Yeah, maybe I should consider that too. As im doing 50/50 english/non english I assume neither is optimized for me. I figured Dvorak often comes preinstalled on win/linux. Being a bit more supported could give some freedom.
Keyboards / Re: [NOOB ALERT] Building my first TKL
« Last post by _GMK_ on Sun, 20 January 2019, 04:22:43 »
what did you choose?
New Members /
« Last post by zigakofr on Sun, 20 January 2019, 04:16:03 »
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Interest Checks / Re: [IC] TYL 4mm Brass Plate, Time to Enhance Your 60% Keyboard
« Last post by _GMK_ on Sun, 20 January 2019, 04:15:38 »
With that thickness, the switch won't snap on the plate, thus making it unusable. You need to carefully CNC the plate where the switch snaps in order to make it thinner in that particular position (everwhere else it can be thicker).

do you even see the pictures?
(Attachment Link)

Is there also a notch to remove the switch top without desoldering?;nowap

It's so thick that it deserves to be exposed with a sandwitch mount. Given the thickness of the plate, do you need to stuck a membrane between the plate and the pcb?

On a comment by nubbinator, I've seed that he said that with come pcbs you need to worry about "top plate SMD stuff."  :thumb:
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] MAXKEY x York Chan 2600 SA keycaps set
« Last post by qq on Sun, 20 January 2019, 04:13:54 »
Those renders look amazing. Good price, good compatibility, short waiting time.

Hope the final products would be as close to renders as expected.

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Classifieds / Re: [WTB] GAF Magnet, GAF Stickers
« Last post by dustinhxc on Sun, 20 January 2019, 03:55:20 »
BUMP :) Any Typebeast Magnets or others?

(edit) sorry thought it was 6pm not am in the timestamp.  :confused:
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] MAXKEY x York Chan 2600 SA keycaps set
« Last post by dexie on Sun, 20 January 2019, 03:49:50 »
Wow, that's really nice that they support ISO now. A huge game-changer if you ask me
Keyboards / Re: Trying to Identify a Date for this IBM Model M
« Last post by chyros on Sun, 20 January 2019, 03:42:34 »
Early 1987 sounds plausible. It has a rainbow plate which was phased out soon after, the old yellow wired which are inly found on early boards, but no Mandolin Crystal which came on the really first boards.

I suppose this is a silver-badge model? Although come to think of it, I have an early oval-badge one with the same specs, I think.
I will be paying attention for updates, will be in for GB.
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