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Off Topic / Re: Why are search engines so bad?
« Last post by 1391401 on Sat, 03 June 2023, 01:50:20 »
AI will change this - already using chatgpt and phind at work to not only answer questions but produce useful output (like boilerplate code)
Off Topic / Re: transph0bic documentary.
« Last post by 1391401 on Sat, 03 June 2023, 01:45:26 »
medical procedures should remain between a patient and their doctor and conservatives need to stop obsessing over what genitals people have in their pants
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] Rukia - polycarb - round 2
« Last post by jtangjt on Sat, 03 June 2023, 00:38:02 »
still no updates?
Any Asia/CN vendor? I have a proxy in Asia and I would like to purchase through them.
Any insight on which vendors already paid and we can expect to receive from them?
Off Topic / transph0bic documentary.
« Last post by tp4tissue on Fri, 02 June 2023, 23:17:56 »
Just watched the Matt Wa1sh documentary.

Obviously they've framed it heavily from their chosen perspective, and it's clearly politically charged/motivated.

It's readily agreeable that Gender is however the individual wants to define it given the surplus of time-wealth and relatively innocuous nature of the label change.

But, the concerns over the medical transitioning aspect is somewhat valid, as many people may not be at the right age or intellectual development to decide on the risk of invasive / powerful chemical interventions.

In general, drug companies are all too happy to take people's money, and pander the side-effects of their wares.

Should we at least have age requirements on the chemical stuff for safety reasons?

What're the community thoughts on the interventions?
As an update, the boards are still expected to go out later this year.  The new beam spring mold has been approved and today the factory was approved to make a few thousand production parts before they make all several hundred thousand parts, just to make sure everything is good.
Not sure if I mentioned it here but I was told by a vendor that due to newer German pollution laws, GMK can no longer produce super saturated pinks/reds like the one in FF. I don't know more than that but if true, colors will have to be rethought or another manu will have to be used. I was thinking a translucent set in the same colors could be pretty fun.

Not sure if that vendor was me, but hit me up re this: have news for you.
I'll definite chorb (buy) this one  :cool:
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