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Ergonomics / Re: Gaming on a split keyboard?
« Last post by Lanrefni on Sat, 12 June 2021, 22:35:10 »
I game exclusively on my BFO-9000,not sure its the best example as it has more keys on one side than most split boards have on both.   ;D

New Members / Re: Welcome new members!
« Last post by CbR4 on Sat, 12 June 2021, 22:31:19 »
Hey all,

I'm relatively new to the mechanical keyboard scene and I am very keen to learn more. I've already learned the hard way that this gets expensive, and I know it just gets worse. Looking forward to getting involved more around the place.
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] Quefrency Rev.3 case 69Nice
« Last post by deadcell1453 on Sat, 12 June 2021, 22:30:01 »
Just found this IC, and I'm very interested.  I have a rev 2 and am looking to buy a rev 3 board, but the lack of quality cases was holding me back.  Hopefully the option for black case with 1.5mm polycarb plate will be available.
Keyboard Keycaps / Re: [WIP] ePBT Odin
« Last post by atl22033 on Sat, 12 June 2021, 22:26:08 »
I can't speak for everyone of course, but this would look much better as a GMK than anything else. it just screams to be done in that Sweet sweet doubleshot ABS  :thumb:
the colors will turn out really good

I would like to do gmk for another set but with my noveltys and their requirements its somewhat hard rn
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] GMK Analog Dreams 2 (June 4th to 25th)
« Last post by autocast on Sat, 12 June 2021, 22:26:03 »
Deskmats are cool.

No surprise about kitting though, check their previous sets for bottom row R4

- No 1.5u Super/Win/Code in base
- No extension kit, no 1.5u
- No 1.5u in novelty kit

Fortunately this oddity in Analog Dreams is not an issue that is common in other GMK sets with a novelty kit. Cognoscenti designers include at least a 2 x 1.5u R4 :thumb: with considerate kitting coverage vs multiple colors/accents. See Oblivion v3.1 (colors/extension) and British Racing Green (novelties).

Interest Checks / Re: [IC] PBT(IFK) Space Camp: Mars [GB IS LIVE]
« Last post by dvorcol on Sat, 12 June 2021, 22:18:03 »
Yeah you might be right. The idea of going through with something when 90%, or any amount really, doesnt enjoy what they bought irks me. I dont think I could really show my face again after that haha. I agree though, the science matters and I am going to make sure it's implemented. Another reason why I try to communicate as much info as I can so that I can get grace info like this which helps. I Still think the info that I gathered is valuable in understanding how things have unfolded thus far.

Thank you for your feedback as it has been valuable also and has most likely changed the developement of the color matching process that I took for granted.

And thank you for listening me with an open mind. As I said, I am looking forward to getting this set eventually, and after our conversation now, I have even more confidence in the set. Good luck with it going forward  :thumb: (Also will be in for GMK Lancaster when that runs :) )

Do you, or anyone else, have contact info for Nebulant or others that have access to sprectro tools? I put a request in in the keycap designer discord but wanted to see if there were more, expedited ways, of getting in touch lol. Thanks for you help!

I don't know him in person, but from a quick search his discord is Nebulant#0001 and his instagram is Hopefully that helps  :thumb:

Perfect thank you!
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] Deep Purple Linear Switches
« Last post by Alpha1 on Sat, 12 June 2021, 22:07:08 »
Neat. GLWIC!
geekhack Media / Re: Post Your Pizza
« Last post by Sintpinty on Sat, 12 June 2021, 21:54:52 »
I had some pizza last night but i ate it all
geekhack Media / Re: What did you get in the mail today?
« Last post by Sintpinty on Sat, 12 June 2021, 21:54:15 »
We got the woman mug3
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