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I think the deskmat goes nicely with the esthetic you're going for, but it isn't for me. Still VERY hyped for this and any future colabs that are coming (especially a matching cable :)).
Making Stuff Together! / Re: ATMega32U4 - can't stay in bootloader mode
« Last post by Eszett on Thu, 17 June 2021, 11:29:21 »
Not sure I can follow you, but I pulled the USB cable of the circuit and pressed and held down RST while replugging the cable. Now it seems I'm stuck with beeing in bootloader mode. ATMEL Flip can flash the chip, but even with "start application" the chip remains in bootloader mode. I'm really confused.
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] FROG TKL - Sales start on 30st June
« Last post by keeganzero on Thu, 17 June 2021, 11:14:35 »
Been looking forward to this one for a while.  Thank you Geon.
geekhack Media / Re: Post your Topre Keyboard
« Last post by Auxo on Thu, 17 June 2021, 11:14:09 »
Recently did a dome swap from variable weights to 45g uniform on my realforce. I am a fan of it, but I did kind of like how quiet the variable weights are. Also kind of curious about 55g, since I've yet to use them

you literally have a 55 in your signature ???

Oh... yeah....
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] Lumberjack PCB - Now Shipping
« Last post by Aiwanei on Thu, 17 June 2021, 11:11:54 »
Hello, due to an unforseen personal conflict (one of my kids is sick), I'm going to have to push this out one week. The sale of extras will now be next Friday June 25th. I apologize for the short notice and delay.
Hello everyone,

At the moment the QMK and Via file are in the works. This was expected to be done sooner but we (Cannon Keys and I) have had some hiccups. Cannon keys is working on finishing this up and as soon as it is ready it will be posted here and shared in the respective discords.

Thanks for your patience. Looking forward to seeing all of these builds!

Until then, give this a try:
Asero Foundry Metal Artisan Collaboration - Koi
Aluminum with blue cerakote and laser engraving

In the new "Berlin Blue" kit, some of the UK ISO keys are the wrong colour, these keys should be the same deep blue of the leftmost keys:
Thanks, we forgot to recolor some of the additional keys for ISO in the alpha kit renders. It's now been rectified (
Updated renders with the new color standards and updated legends. Should be less green-looking than before.

Making Stuff Together! / Re: ATMega32U4 - can't stay in bootloader mode
« Last post by nevin on Thu, 17 June 2021, 11:02:46 »
that's the dfu programmer, which acts a little different. that will stay in bootloader mode until power is cycled.
- it does go into bootloader mode for a second when it powers up (boots) but quickly jumps to it's running program.
- hold the boot button/key when you plug it in and it will go into bootloader mode, power cycle it and it will be back to the normal running program.
- this version is definitely nicer than the caterina one i was referring to.

the 8 seconds is all the window you get to flash for the caterina bootloader which is common with promicros and other 32u4's
- was figuring it was this one because you were using the avrdude flasher which is the tool used for the caterina bootloader.
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] FROG TKL - Sales start on 30st June
« Last post by treeleaf64 on Thu, 17 June 2021, 11:01:06 »
Geon, the frog daddy.
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