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Keyboards / Re: Gateron switches get scratchier over time?
« Last post by killyou on Thu, 16 August 2018, 05:14:32 »
Maybe it's because of the lube reacting with the metal leaf?
Oh, so there's no way to get one of the carbon fibre plates from the original BT PCB run? That's a shame :(
Is there an update regarding the 2nd batch of boards (and later)? We've seen a lot of images of people receiving their Dolphins, but no news of the EM7's.
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] GMK DMG - A Gameboy inspired keyset - 40s KIT ADDED
« Last post by MC_kb on Thu, 16 August 2018, 05:03:10 »
Love it  ;D

EU Proxy and here we go baby.
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] Reborn 60% keyborad (Dark purple comes )
« Last post by Water lee on Thu, 16 August 2018, 05:01:33 »
wew that's beautiful ! are you planning to add an ISO layout ?  :rolleyes:
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] H87a: QMK-powered TKL PCB
« Last post by dyka.tran on Thu, 16 August 2018, 04:51:30 »
ETA for the prototypes to get to me is ~3 weeks

A (kinda) noob question: How thick is the mini-USB port?
Wait, how is there Purple with Gold Lion? Thought we only had silver this round :(

I'm 99% sure it's just the reflection causing it to look like gold.
thats a nice color, will it be offered? alos how long do you plan to let the buy run?

Yes, this color will be offered in the GB. And I plan to run it for around 2 and a half weeks.

The color of the top or of the bottom? They look very different to me
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