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Keyboards / Re: DZ60 split key spacing
« Last post by TalkingTree on Sun, 25 February 2018, 11:31:04 »
If it's a slight misplacement, you can try and drill or file the hole further right. No guarantee that it'll work but I don't think there's any other way.
Make sure you don't breathe the PCB dust in.
Keyboard Keycaps / Re: Glow in the Dark!
« Last post by emenelopee on Sun, 25 February 2018, 11:26:27 »
Shooting for the moon, my ideal would be a profiled full size but, if demand isn't stellar a, profiled set of alphas/numpad or modifiers would work to add a little sparkle to the SA sets already out there.

I'd hesitate with all row 3 as I like my profiled caps.

All of this assumes it's an SP order, I don't see any signs that GMK use GitT plastics, and SP does the buffet-style ordering, so using their standard keycap set groupings as a basis would be a decent start point.

Let's see if we can get any more momentum, and any suggestions from the hive mind would be more than welcome as this idea gestates.
That looks fantastic!

You know, I always wondered what the larger screws were for; it never occurred to me that they were meant to help secure the board to the bottom section.
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] capsunlocked Originals. Coming in 2018.
« Last post by blerc on Sun, 25 February 2018, 11:15:20 »
A poisonous profile pic, wants to poison an Interest Check thread.

I'm so in for this regardless of the material !!! Must have factor 1000x  :cool:

Will this be compatible with the usual suspects of 60% PCBs like GH60, XD60, Bananspalit etc?

Also: Does topmount mean a single piece tray mount?

 edit: just saw above that the GH60 style PCBs will fit
Keyboards / Re: What Keyboard Are You Using Now?
« Last post by zslane on Sun, 25 February 2018, 11:09:51 »
Current home keyboard:

Silenced Norbatouch (Space Station White) & Plum Numpad with /dev/tty keycaps.
Interest Checks / Re: E6-V2 Round 2 - 60% custom keyboard -IC will close on 25th
« Last post by ullr on Sun, 25 February 2018, 11:02:21 »
Man, I was really hoping for red plate / red name plate and green name plate to make the cut

Oh well
I don't know if any of them are available in white but one of these would probably be a good choice. By varying the mixture you can control the speed of set.
Reviews / Re: Varmilo EC Switch
« Last post by MajorKoos on Sun, 25 February 2018, 11:01:44 »
Thanks Hasu.  That's an awesome review.
I dig how you made your own version of the switch for testing - uber cool.
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] capsunlocked Originals. Coming in 2018.
« Last post by xondat on Sun, 25 February 2018, 11:01:20 »
I appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback about the products you viewed yesterday, however your post is misleading and provides false information to the community.

The keyboards were not in a bad state at all, and the threads are perfect. The cases of the CU75 and CU24 were open at the time you viewed the models because earlier another individual was curious about how the plate mounted to the top of the case and the LEDs on the PCB, and the keyboards were left like this to show others who might have similar questions throughout the rest of the day.

The feedback I had received from the rest of the people who had viewed the models, was overwhelmingly positive, and informed me that the machining (especially on the logo) was very nice. Whilst there was no PCB in one of the CU75 models, everyone else still found it a pleasure to type on.

It is not my intention to come across as rude, however your review contains false information about the keyboard and does not align with the rest of the feedback received. If there were major issues with the models that needed to be addressed, then I appreciate any criticism, but this is simply not the case.

I will be posting images soon; I am sure others will on reddit/Instagram as well, and the rest of the community can see the products are well made and of good quality.

The community was very supportive and positive yesterday, and both models also received an honorary mention at the end from the meetup organisers, for which I appreciate.

Oh come on.

Post unedited, close up pictures, where we can make out details, and I'll point out the bad machining (which I forgot to mention but you brought up), the dents & chips, and the threads.

You told me you had to fix something inside, but why couldn't you screw it together all the way if you want to create a sense of perfection? I've dealt with ****ed up threads, and it was obvious.

I apologise for being critical of what you brought, but unlike others, I'm fine giving all sides of the story.

P.S. Would you like me to give something more constructive? Happy to help you where you need it.
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