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New Members / Re: Welcome new members!
« Last post by arshi on Sat, 01 October 2022, 08:19:42 »
I am new here and just recently registered, But the registration process was very tough. The verification questions were very hard but somehow managed to register, Now I am happy that I can login. :D. ;D
Keyboard Keycaps / Keymacs Keycaps (MX, Alps, and Topre)
« Last post by lispnick on Sat, 01 October 2022, 08:09:13 »
Hi guys!

It is quite possible that some of you know my Keymacs project. It started as my attempt to recreate Symbolics PN/365407 (Rev. A)—a keyboard that I personally used as my daily driver. In the past couple of years, I produced nearly 50 keyboards, including the keycap sets. I have been repeatedly asked by keyboard enthusiasts if I plan to sell just the keycaps in some standard ANSI/ISO (and maybe HHKB) layouts.

After testing a new manufacturing process that is a more versatile than the initial one, I have decided to start selling universal configurable multiple-shot keycap sets.

For those who do not know my work, let me note that this is not a mass production. The keycaps are not injection-moulded but manufactured using a technique that combines several stages of resin casting and CNC milling, see the manufacturing demo:

As a result, I have avoided massive investments into tooling that are required for the classic injection moulding but the production is very slow since each keyset is in fact individually machined. A blank HHKB keycap set may be produced in a week but a TKL double shot keycap set takes me about 2–3 weeks, something as crazy as a Cadet-style full ANSI with triple-shot top and front legends will probably take a month of work. From this point of view, it should not be surprising that the price is higher by an order or magnitude compared to the usual mass-produced keycap sets like GMK. Still, I hope there will be enough folks who appreciate my unique manufacturing technique and the amount of work I put into making the keycaps.

The advantages of using this manufacturing technique are also worth mentioning: It allows us to make super-thick multiple-shot keycaps with arbitrary legends (top and front) and color schemes, all according to your specs. Since the legends are individually milled, there is no problem in supporting DVORAK, COLEMAK, and other layouts in addition to the traditional QWERTY. The same applies to the mounts—each mount is individually milled, so I can support any mount you desire (as long as there is a model for it). Right now, I offer MX, Topre, and Alps but I have also successfully tested Selectric/Beamspring and MicroSwitch SW series mounts. All keycap sizes that appear on ANSI, ISO, HHKB, and Symbolics PN/365407 keyboards are supported. If there is a demand, I can support other keys as well.

The keycap configurator can be found here.
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] Tourmaline Keyboard Display Stand - PRICES AND FINAL IC
« Last post by funderburker on Sat, 01 October 2022, 08:00:21 »
Good luck, looks wonderful! Love your keyboard choices!  :-*
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] Tourmaline Keyboard Display Stand - New Prototypes!
« Last post by Toptiginn on Sat, 01 October 2022, 07:03:20 »
Hi to all who are interested in the project TOURMALINE. First of all, we want to apologize for being away from Geekhack for such a long time, during this time we finally decided to associate ourselves with the world of mechanical keyboards and moved in this direction, made proto of keycaps, keycap pullers, artisan box, and some proto of keyboards... and finally bought our equipment for production.

In the first two "Tourmaline" ic with and without a logo, there were more than 200 applicants. We would like to start with the no badge option (there will be 50 places in GB). In this case, we will be able to provide the proper quality and production of stands in the shortest possible time ...All of the prices and color variations you can find in the new IC form. :thumb:

After the first GB, we will be able to use all the experience gained to make a full-scale GB for everyone who wants Tourmaline with or without a badge.

We've added a new  IC form of badgeless design Tourmaline.

Keyboards / Re: Looking for help with my Abel X
« Last post by jamesl1989 on Sat, 01 October 2022, 06:17:20 »
Oh, definitely dont need that. Here are some pictures that could help. Im assuming from what ive read online these are called Chip on Board LEDs? The "chip" on the cluster pcb seems to be an 'awinic aw9523b'


Also when soldering this happened and I was curious if this could have broken the trace or is it just superficial?

Let me know if I can provide more info that may help, thanks again for taking the time.

Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] Rukia - polycarb - round 2
« Last post by Fraaaan on Sat, 01 October 2022, 06:05:47 »
Wow, 2022 is the ALICE year?

Do I tell him?

You see this a lot lately. It's just someone trying to boost their post count so they can sell us stuff.

The name and bio make it super obvious. I just find it really funny that they commented on this specific thread and the GSKT with positive thoughts.
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] KBM Hundred Acres
« Last post by WaynaPawiasek on Sat, 01 October 2022, 05:38:04 »
International Kit please! Love this!

Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] GMK Hanami Dango | GB CLOSED | Final Numbers Updated
« Last post by codog on Sat, 01 October 2022, 05:26:26 »
Set's arrived from MyKB! Actually is as beautiful as I expected.

(Attachment Link)

terrible colour matching.

It's one picture taken on someone's desk in unknown lighting, I'd wait for more customer pictures to come in before starting the whole "color matching bad" dance.

off mykeyboard, not even close.
Will HHKB be available?

Thank you for the question. I actually hadn't specified that in OP. Case layout options will be WKL and WK tops, no HHKB for now.
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] 👻 Keykobo Poltergeist 👻
« Last post by nvh2092 on Sat, 01 October 2022, 04:43:34 »
What is Keykobo's target MOQ for each kit?
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