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Classifieds / Re: [WTS][DE] Grabbag leftovers
« Last post by zabuza1997 on Thu, 20 July 2017, 13:42:16 »
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] Godspeed XDA/PBT
« Last post by Muiju on Thu, 20 July 2017, 13:37:42 »
Those supernovas! I'm very interestedd
Making Stuff Together! / Re: The Living Soldering Thread
« Last post by bpiphany on Thu, 20 July 2017, 13:35:57 »
I   have the Identical multimeter.  I'm happy with it, but it reads high.  A 120V wall outlet usually reads at about 124V.  A button battery of 1.5V reads about 1.56V.  Works fine but you get what  you pay for.  Buying a Fluke meter does not really have any value for me.

Without dismissing that he meter could be out, you really Really need to find some better references than that...
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] DSA MEKA (a D.Va inspired keyset)
« Last post by Muiju on Thu, 20 July 2017, 13:35:30 »
I think the greens should just be a small accent; perhaps making them the font color for some mods?
Keyboards / Re: First solid 75% board
« Last post by chuckdee on Thu, 20 July 2017, 13:35:05 »
I love the 75% form factor.  I still go to others because of different features (wish the clueboard would make a 75%), but really think that's my ultimate, eventually.

I've tried the drevo gramr, but gave up on it because of problems with the numlock and RDP.
I have the KBD75 sitting here, and need to put it together.  I'm hoping it's as good as it seems.
I tried the race3, but the choices they made in which keys to put on the primary layer irked me, and the fact that you can't change it irked me more, so I sent it back.
I have a sandwich keyboard from keyclack, and I really love it, but haven't been able to program it.  Someone told me you can adapt it to use QMK, so I hope I get to that point, but I'm using it now, and just deal with the backspace key being a part of the split backspace location; I normally relocate it to the backslash location.

I was going to get the leeku acrylic going on, but decided not to, and am glad I didn't... sentraq is going to do a GB for one in the next month.

As far as the KBD75 being the wrong name for that, not sure about that.  Originally it was a GB of some various chinese parts they put together that I got in on.  They might be moving to claim it now, with their own PCB in the MD drop.
Ergonomics / Re: What's the tenting angle you consider ideal?
« Last post by MajorKoos on Thu, 20 July 2017, 13:34:16 »
How practical is tenting without using a keyboard tray, especially the steeper angles?
I imagine one needs to get the keyboard low enough for the home row to be in a neutral position?
cynviloq, thanks for looking into this.  I would wait and hope DMK will make new shorter SB mold soon.  For the time being, the Nautilus spacebar kit on Massdrop happening now will tie us over until then.

The R4 kit would probably ship around the same time as Nautilus...

My thought is that we could run R4 kit (but would we even have enough interest to reach 150 MOQ on either colorway?) get that by end of the year (hopeful) and then run SB kit at the start of 2018 (and who knows what the lead time is then!)
Off Topic / Re: How many of you PC Gamerz have gone back to console?
« Last post by chyros on Thu, 20 July 2017, 13:32:54 »
BACK to consoles? Hah, the real master race never went to consoles in the first place 8) .
Classifieds / Re: [WTS] Octagon V1, Phantom TKL, HID Liberation Device
« Last post by mbw42 on Thu, 20 July 2017, 13:29:15 »
Artisan Services / Re: Nightcaps: Poisoned Summer: Day 31
« Last post by sublyme on Thu, 20 July 2017, 13:28:52 »
Day 28, I cri evry tiem w/ GID tears

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