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The controller keys are sold out right? :( I am definitely interested in a next batch. I just bought a bunch of your star keys too, too bad I missed this.

Yes, everything in this batch already sold. I'll be making a slightly larger batch the next time around and I plan on having it ready soon™.
Ah, thanks for the help! I think I got it now. I had trouble getting windows to update the driver that Flip needs to communicate. On my Windows the driver for the device was already installed. When trying to update the driver I kept getting the message that the most up to date driver was installed. I  could not update or simply delete the driver.

If someone else runs into this, the fix was not that complicated ofcourse but relied on a rather specific combination of options to update the driver in the device manager. I right clicked the device and selected update driver. Then I selected browse computer for driver software as you would. However in the next screen instead of pointing to the location of the driver I selected 'let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer' followed by the button 'Have disk'. And finally windows accepted the drivers in the Flip usb folder and now I can open comms in Flip.
Artisan Services / Re: The Suited Up Keycaps Sale Thread
« Last post by xine007 on Fri, 26 May 2017, 17:38:52 »
Matching candy!

Off Topic / Re: The Beer Thread!
« Last post by Bromono on Fri, 26 May 2017, 17:38:05 »
Number 2 today.


Keyboards / Re: HHKB USB power rail mod?
« Last post by JunkFace on Fri, 26 May 2017, 17:28:37 »
I would suggest cutting up a usb extension cable and try powering the mouse from the motherboard and using the communication through the HHKB before you start out, just to verify that the power is the issue :)

I did a quick measurement, and my HHKB-controller outputs 4.95V on the USB-ports with an input of 4.96V (on the usb-mini).

EDIT: Oh, you have the mouse connected and the powerlimiting kicks in during the measurements? Correct me if I'm wrong, but the HHKB sould be able to power 500mA@5V per port, if it the current is avaliable upstream? I tried connecting my Steelseries Xai and it gets 4.8V but won't work, but that mouse is really picky about what I connect it to, so I'm not really suprised.

Not sure if this is of any help tho

I didn't have anything plugged in when I took the measurements. The picture is of my DMM hooked up to a USB I cut up so I could take the measurements easily.  You have the stock  HHKB?  I have two and they're both stock.  I really doubt the measurements would be different but who knows?  My first HHKB was born on August 2014 and my second one is September 2016.
Keyboards / Re: HHKB doesn't seem to work... have tried a few things. Any ideas?
« Last post by Bucake on Fri, 26 May 2017, 17:23:22 »
happy hasu keyboard, now we're talking!
mine's 45g, i love it. (since i have a 55g RF, i am keeping the hhkb at 45g.)

haven't used the RF in months simply because the programability of the hhkb is so convenient. it's almost a shame :D
Keyboards / Re: 2017: What are your keyboard plans?
« Last post by nachie on Fri, 26 May 2017, 17:23:07 »
Build my first custom board using alps switches. Already harvested, cleaned and click modded all of them (cream).
1. The plan is to handwire, hand build a wood+acrylic case, backlighting, and a split alps60 layout (like the VE.A).
2. Then try to acquire a good keyset.
3. Hunt for more interesting alps
4. Build a Wireless Let's Split (like the Mitosis) using the more interesting alps.
5. Find a keyset for that.

I think 1/2 will take most of the year though and the rest depend on the wallet  :rolleyes:
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] the Moon - Custom Keyboard
« Last post by Tre3Cycl3S on Fri, 26 May 2017, 17:21:38 »
Hmm I now wonder if there is a shade of gold which allows the brass weight to stand out. As much as I would love a gold base, it seems like the brass weight might not stand out enough to be able to discern the bottom logo, which would be a shame.
Keyboards / Re: What Keyboard Are You Using Now?
« Last post by rioc on Fri, 26 May 2017, 17:20:52 »
typing on this right now:

Show Image

yeah, the hadron does look very good :)
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] the Moon - Custom Keyboard
« Last post by metalliccharles on Fri, 26 May 2017, 17:19:09 »
Okay, order edited.. I'm done now I swear
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