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[GB]The exciting GB is coming now!
GB date:December 1st,2022  - January 1st,2023

Interest Checks / Re: Metallic black gold two-colour keycap
« Last post by anonymous on Tue, 29 November 2022, 01:49:20 »
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] FLX Virgo R2 - Back in.. Void! GB concluded.
« Last post by antipode-studio on Tue, 29 November 2022, 01:26:45 »
Update 29.11.2022


Production has started on various part, and we are still well within our expected timeline for completion.

Here are a few production photos:

Also a couple photos of the latest PCB prototypes for the VirgoPad, colors will change.

Finally, a mana symbol kit!

GLWGB, Spiked & Max!
My keyboard is ready.
I got mine too. I'm disappointed too. There are visible  markings on the some caps like small numbers and letters, they appear even on 1u keycaps, not to mention the spacebars. Some of the  keycaps look frosted. The difference in the thickness of the caps walls is also obvious and easy to see. The keycaps look nothing like the caps shown in the renders
Those actually came out a lot better than I was expecting! The inconsistent transparency is unfortunate.
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] TYPE BOX 101800
« Last post by Elendil-7 on Mon, 28 November 2022, 23:17:07 »
This is it. This is my endgame work board, full stop. Been salivating over this one ever since I saw it used as a render board for a keycap set a while back. Very much hyped.
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] ePbt - Wapuro - THE REVIVAL
« Last post by Elendil-7 on Mon, 28 November 2022, 23:14:36 »
Hey there, i've updated the translation reference in the main post with everything currently up to date.

The base kit has been adjusted to have only 1 1U Ctrl and 1 1U Code. R4 1U Delete has been removed.
I'm slowly getting back in shape in the project, i also talked with Kbdfans on when the production will run. With the current queue there is no hope before 2024; but i can assure you this set will run as i want it for really long time.

Regarding colors, i might change the green as it's the same i used in "Be The One" and it's good on that set but on the pantone it looks ok but on plastic that's too light to me. Once i've picked up once that would fit i'll definitely share it.

Damn, 2024... That's a bummer to hear. But, you know what fam, let's stick it out so we can all get our hands on this awesome set. I just recently got the perfect board for this one too, so I'm gonna have to wait it out with Domikey Dolch in the meantime.
Got my SA Polyclear today. A little disappointed with the quality of the keycaps....

You can see much more of the moulding marks are much more visible than expected (didn't expect it to be perfect as that's how the process is). There are more visible marks on R2 and R4, whereas R3 look good.

Function row and mod set also is frosted and nothing like the alphas in terms of transparency, so inconsistencies in the plastic mix it appears.
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