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realized this super late because I'm just getting to build my board now - both my brass plates got me to bent....

Sorry to hear that. PM Elaine here and/or hit her up on the Discord and you guys will figure something out.
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] Fox Lab - Leaf 60
« Last post by o3okevin on Sun, 20 January 2019, 22:58:45 »

Sorry for keep asking questions. Should've asked with my previous reply but I got confused again while selecting options in the google form.
The hotswap PCB is said to be for HHKB/WKL but the picture of the layout shows winkey on it. Does this mean that it can be used for regular layout as well?
Since the combination I want is [clear PC housing + hotswap PCB + bronze PVD plate + plate holes not showing through the clear PC housing], I guess the only choice I have is to go with regular layout, so I do hope the regular layout is possible for hotswap PCB

The only plate that does not have the winkey cutout is a special one senter added in either black or clear PC.

Hotswap pcb has only a split backspace, so it is not regular layout.

Thank you again sir. However, what I was asking was about was the case layout which I am supposed to choose between Regular layout, WKL layout or HHKB layout in the google form.
I am curious if I choose Regluar Layout for the case, a hotswappable PCB and Bronze WKL plate, I will be able to build a board with a full bottom row so that there won't be any plate holes showing through the pc case.

OK, yes. I see.

The WKL pcb / plate bottom row layout is 1.5, 1, 1.5, 7, 1.5, 1, 1.5.

Some folks don't like the 1u keys and want case blockers there, thus the WKL case option (blockers). 

Some people don't like the 1.5u outside keys and want case blockers there, thus the hhkb case.

Your choice would use all three 1.5, 1, 1.5 keys (because you don't want to see the holes in the plate through the WKL case block outs).

Thank you very much. I think that clarifies everything and that what I plan to build is possible.
I guess I will pull the trigger with Regluar Layout case + hotswap PCB + Bronze WKL plate.

Assuming you mean bronze = rose gold, that colour is only for the full brass version unfortunately. PVD brass plates with pc/aluminum housings will be gold coloured.
It has arrived!!!

yes and only about a week left to join!
Do you have a link for an in depth paper mod guide. I have yet to start customizing alps switches and would feel more confident watching someone else do it first.

take a slip of paper and put it in between the tactile leaf and the front of the housing

Keyboards / Re: Alps Appreciation Thread
« Last post by nevin on Sun, 20 January 2019, 22:45:10 »
question for all.... has anyone put lighter springs in alps dampened cream/white or tactile switches? what's the breaking point that spring is too light to make switch work correctly? i've read about this on the MX side, very light springs in a more tactile switch (like say clear or green MX) the switch would not work correctly (tactile too stiff for spring). any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Can't say about cream/whites, but I've tried 40g sprit springs in SKCM brown switches with black switchplate and they worked fine.

thanks kakan.
2x 3u is completely unacceptable and should not even be a layout a serious designer should be considering for their split spacebar board(s) right now.
VIA support?! This is amazing. Getting more excited for this GB with every update.

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I will be paying attention for updates, will be in for GB.

This looks great, I'd join the GB

This is dope, might be my first endeavor into ergo.

I would like to see the top bezel radius slightly tighter though

looks great!

this is looking great. i'm all in on this.

thank you everyone. so very glad you guys like it.

also. this:

Check the Discord please, I believe mechmerlin in the discord is selling his spot.
There is currently no plan for R2.

Thanks, I'll look it up!  ;D
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] GMK Achromatic // NEW SURVEY 12.08
« Last post by enrique.aliaga on Sun, 20 January 2019, 22:18:30 »
Time to replace my poor man's Achromatic!

Show Image

Is that a Tofu?

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