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anyone used
« on: Sat, 11 January 2020, 21:01:04 »
Has anyone bought from this site: I usually buy from, but they are out of the kailh thick click navy and this other site says they have them.

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Re: anyone used
« Reply #1 on: Sun, 12 January 2020, 12:47:43 »
KPRepublic is usually a reliable seller. They're downmarket from KBDFans, in the view of many, but they tend to ship their items.

Switches should be relatively easy to get from them.

You might want to buy specifically from KPRepublic's AliExpress store. I have bought keycaps and switches from them there, and they all arrived. AliExpress holds your money in escrow until your product is successfully received.

KBDFans has them in stock also:

They are also on AliExpress.

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Re: anyone used
« Reply #2 on: Mon, 13 January 2020, 19:19:28 »
U appreciate the feedback, and sent in an order on kbdfans

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Re: anyone used
« Reply #3 on: Fri, 17 January 2020, 02:50:00 »
Just be careful of their PBT caps since they're a bit inconsistent.
Mine are a bit off
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