Author Topic: [GB COMPLETE] TKC1800 Full kit, G80-1800 compatible QMK PCB, More available soon  (Read 24603 times)

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I received an e-mail on 1/8/2019 that my order of a pcb and plate was shipped, so they started the shipping process.

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Got my 1800s yesterday and the colors look really good. Thanks again, and thanks for the special brass plate (it's going on the purple one).

Currently typing on the cocaine white one with lubed v2 zilents and 67g progressive springs. For fun I also put 125g springs in the Code (Fn) and Scroll lock keys.
As a side note, Tokyo Nights modifiers work pretty well with violet tendencies alphas.

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Really looking forward to getting my Cocaine White board myself.

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Does the finish change the sound or feel of the board at all?