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Pickles (Safety Advisory)
« on: Fri, 09 February 2024, 10:29:50 »

China/Korea/Japan lead the world in Gastric Cancers.

Turns out, it's the pickles + various salty fermentation products + high rates of H.pylori .

There are other nations with high rates of H.pylori, but "without" the salty pickles, the rates of stomach cancer are much lower, such as in African nations / India.

Average kimchi per day for koreans is 100g. That is the average, which means you get lots'o guys doing 300+

Experimentally, 300g per day, which amounts to 100g per meal (not alot, visually quite small a portion), demonstrably lead to worsening conditions in the stomach lining which is the Precursor for the development of gastric cancers.

One might think, Buh Tp4, I don't have H. Pylori,  ok, 50% of the adult human population has it, roll that dice.

If you guys do pickle, Keep it sensible.