Author Topic: Anyone else randomly browse raw material web sites for inspiration?  (Read 444 times)

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When I am done with the daily web reviews, I tend to get bored.   Lots of ideas floating in my brain, but i can always find more inspiration from browsing sites that caters to other hobbies.

For example, I was searching for soapstone since it is heavy and can easily be be carved.  I then ran across woodworking turning blanks for pens at Lee Valley Tools.{D9514BE0-66E8-44B6-A773-979749E0A8AB}&facets=activity=Pen%20Making~&sortBy=default&includeCategories=true&dataItem={CCF16E47-16D8-4F1C-AC6A-936DFE31CEA3}

They have some beautiful blanks that I can envision sandwiched between FR4 plates on a hand wired build to give a pop of color instead of the traditional acrylic or wood.  These are 3/4 square and 5 lengths.   Easily drilled and cut, along with the ability to polish.    Heck, they even provide a PDF on how best to work the material.   I am pretty sure 5 would suffice for a 60% height, maybe even TKL.  Would have to line up and attach multiple blanks for the width.  Thinking full FR4 plate on the bottom.   Stack the edges with the pen blanks, then inset the top plate half way across the blank for a smooth top edge.   Depending on the depth of the inset, you may be able to make a high profile case.  High polish to fully showcase that side material.

Or maybe create a slot for a bottom plate to rest within, leaving the blank to be the base.  Wonder if a miter saw cut width would be 1.5 mm?  Could glue the bottom half and allow all access from the top plate that is attached to embedded standoffs.   Probably could not have a thin bezel, but it might not matter.  I need a napkin to draw out some ideas.

Things to think about.  More bourbon should help :)


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Re: Anyone else randomly browse raw material web sites for inspiration?
« Reply #2 on: Mon, 31 May 2021, 00:14:26 »
That does sound like a pretty good idea, don't really do it myself, but sometimes I'll just browse rare materials to think about how this could be the "next" think

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Re: Anyone else randomly browse raw material web sites for inspiration?
« Reply #3 on: Sat, 05 June 2021, 05:31:02 »
When I'm designing anything form comes first, I'll leave the aesthetics to someone else.  Repurposing wannabe pens for digital writing is an interesting idea, did this lead to anything?
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