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660 layout with blockers
« on: Sat, 20 June 2020, 12:09:24 »
Hi all, I'm in the earliest of stages of planning a custom keyboard that I've been envisioning in my head for the longest time. I'm having a bit of a hang up on the design of the layout, specifically blocker placement and how that impacts the layout. I spoke with some people form my local discord and its between these two options:

660 with 6.25u spacebar, 1u blockers, 2u shift (keycap compatibility is more common now, but still an issue)

660 with 7u spacebar, 1u and 0.5 u blockers, 2.25u shift (so split right shift is an option with a 1.25u shift)

I actually really like both designs. I think the larger blocker on the left adds some visual weight to the left side giving the 660 layout a more balanced appearance than it normally has. On the other hand, I do like symmetrical blockers.

And yes, I'm aware of the KKINGKKONG 660 and it's 0.25u blockers... I actually bought one out of interest. But I personally think 0.25u blockers aren't the most visually pleasing solution.

Furthermore, I'm planning a seamless design that mimics that of the FC660M/C where the base of the case protrudes slightly giving you a little more leverage to pick the keyboard up, rather than just having straight sides that meet flush with the desktop. I plan to add more info and images here as I begin actually working on the design in Fusion360.

Thanks all for taking the time to provide your feedback!
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Re: 660 layout with blockers
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 16 December 2020, 07:54:50 »
I really like the two 1u blockers. It gives the keyboard a bit of symmetry look to it while using the unique 660 layout. I've been looking for a black 660 board for a while now but don't want to pay mechmarket prices.