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Re: Fidget Spinners
« Reply #100 on: Mon, 12 March 2018, 03:12:55 »
Only raw veggies at that. Have since I was 4 years old now going to be 77. Have no idea about health. The thing to eat something that was living, breathing even if only milk is disgusting to me. I agree with you too as usual. people suck. I hardly talk to anyone. Human's are the only animal on the planet that destroy solely for the sake of destruction. Almost all humans disgust me. I guess why we have almost 400 animals. That will never be KILLED!

I made a mistake. Forgot Mechforce Deltacore. If you can deal with huge and super heavy it is the best machined and quality, spins up to 8 min seriously. If you are looking at it you want the stainless steel one not the Titanium. Still not as good as the best Chinese like a $75 one but pretty good. The only USA one I can recommend but it is huge and super heavy. It speaks to why I dislike people. If USA is the leader how come China of all places can do better? Like Bathgate, Axis,Onedrop completely suck. I guess depends do you want to look at it and brag or spin it? I have a real need as do others. People,kids made it a stupid fad. It is a medical device like oxygen. OOOOH I hate most people.

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Re: Fidget Spinners
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I am honestly sick and it feels good. With Parkinson's.  I have bought very expensive USA ones and they are all junk. I mean for a grand this is pitiful. The machining sucks, bearing off center etc. Nuts. Get the right Chinese one for $10 and it is way better, albeit not as fancy. The fancy sucks too though imo. I prefer one piece. It does not need to be art and rarely works then. Actually things like this and YoYo's are where the Chinese Excel. They have no problem outdoing US metal fab. Just have to know what to get. They make trash, and the best as well. The problem is US shops make them too fancy. Even simple ones like Axis Micros suck though imo. Amazingly we cannot compete with the Chinese here. For the record there are $1,000 Chinese ones too and they are wonderful. This, they show us how it is done. Like look at Bathgate. That is very nice, yes but it can hardly spin. It is a gosh darn spinner after all! I am not a kid bragging, rather an old man but have use for it. I guess depends what you want from it. It seems though US shops just cannot do good metal fab. Sharp edges, dents etc. I never disrespect the US but this appears to be the truth. Just not our Forte. To charge that is an insult though imo.

100% veggies,  you're covered..  I don't think anything says veggies reverse parkinsons atm.. But perhaps they just not goin' the xtra mile..

If anything all the evidence suggests milk products lead TO parkinson..  and we see gallon of milk a day nonsense, and all these men growing manbewbs from drinking all that cow estrogen.. hahahahahaha

Tap water is turning the frogs gay

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Re: Fidget Spinners
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Tap water is turning the frogs gay

No, they were always gay.. but it's just now more publicly acceptable in the frog society..