Author Topic: How much this tofu worth?  (Read 670 times)

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How much this tofu worth?
« on: Fri, 07 May 2021, 06:45:51 »
hello people new to geekhack, built my first mechanical keyboard recently but decided to sell it but have no idea how much It still worth.
specs are pretty maxed out I say :thumb:
* e-yellow tofu 60 no damage
*tealios v2 lubed filmed
*brass plate
*2X sound dampening foams.
have a look people


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Re: How much this tofu worth?
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 07 May 2021, 09:41:10 »
At Cost

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Re: How much this tofu worth?
« Reply #2 on: Sat, 08 May 2021, 19:50:49 »
At Cost

Even at cost keyboards that are made with readily available parts have a hard time selling at cost price you will always end up losing money unless it's a high end custom or a keyboard that has more want then available.
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Re: How much this tofu worth?
« Reply #3 on: Sun, 09 May 2021, 20:15:07 »
Cost only works on group buys you can no longer get, you're paying for exclusivity of the kit.

If you expect cost for readily available parts you're on crack. I'm not buying full price for used parts, including parts I may not want, for what I can buy them new. The only way this makes any sense is if you have some combination you can't get like a Ducky with Bobas and you had to desolder to put them in. Keep in mind, your target audience is really small at that point but at least you can justify it.

My advice, ask 80% what you paid and be willing to accept 60%.
I know some just clutched their pearls at that, but oh well, it's a USED, readily available keyboard. You lubed it, great, but it's not like that requires special tools or skills like desoldering does, you don't get paid for your labor on personal projects, that's just how it is. Also considering selling the board separate from the switches because you're limiting your audience.
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Re: How much this tofu worth?
« Reply #4 on: Sun, 09 May 2021, 21:24:33 »
Tofu is great for your health,, we should all eat more tofu

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Re: How much this tofu worth?
« Reply #5 on: Mon, 10 May 2021, 09:45:32 »
it would be best to trade in my opinion. but if trading is not an option then at cost. board flipping a tofu isn't exactly worth it  :))