Author Topic: Seriously, What are we doing about this ???  (Read 666 times)

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Seriously, What are we doing about this ???
« on: Thu, 23 September 2021, 10:52:03 »
Are there top guys working on a solution somewhere ?

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Re: Seriously, What are we doing about this ???
« Reply #1 on: Thu, 23 September 2021, 16:54:11 »
Progressives should be happy with the direction the US is heading. It is just what they have been dreaming about for years.

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Re: Seriously, What are we doing about this ???
« Reply #2 on: Thu, 23 September 2021, 17:03:37 »
Didnt watch but I'd love to live in Xi's vision of the Future.

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Re: Seriously, What are we doing about this ???
« Reply #3 on: Fri, 24 September 2021, 03:50:59 »
Believe it or not China is working hard to clean things up in their country. Are they a bit wreckles, yes, but they are trying.

As for the video, she's grandstanding (and an idiot).
The world has been reliant on China for decades for pretty much everything, especially rare earth minerals, it's nothing new and her blaming Biden about Afghanistan is BS, he didn't make the agreement to leave, Trump did.

For the record, the equipment we left is old, high maintenance stuff (some dates back to the 70's), we did the same in the gulf, much of it is actually not worth bringing home. "It's worth $$$"! No, it's not. It would be sold as government surplus and would go to auction for pennies on the dollar. What is a 15 year old hummer with 90k HARD miles, no suspension, military seats (UNCOMFORTABLE) and unregisterable for the highway worth at an auction? A couple grand? How much does it cost to pack it up and fly it home then transport it to an auction? Most of this stuff, if we didn't disable it (which we do to a lot of) will be inoperable in a short time due to a lack of parts, skill and labor. Military equipment needs gobs of it. Yes, this stuff may look to be in good condition in pictures, IT'S THE DESERT, go to southern California and Arizona and look at the old cars still on the road, we put the aircraft boneyard in Tuscon for a reason. Also consider who used this equipment, it's like giving a bunch of teens and twenty year olds free rental cars and almost no oversight, they beat the hell out of it. I always laugh at these cities that buy APCs and such thinking they "got a $20mil tank for $100K", it's a $20mil tank, it needs $20mil tank maintenance and someone will have to pay it or that $100k was just wasted funds.

I know it's hard to see some of that stuff and think we left a bunch of usable stuff but you have to look at what it is and what it's been through and consider if it's really worth bringing home just to sell for pennies on the dollar. I guarantee you, everything there lived a VERY hard life, it just doesn't show because of weather conditions. You can't see bearing wear, cylinder wear, a transmission ready to fail, patched bullet holes, massive dent on the opposite side, missing glass, etc...
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Re: Seriously, What are we doing about this ???
« Reply #4 on: Fri, 24 September 2021, 14:22:43 »
People confused about us leaving supplies in Afghanistan - just shows how many didn't see the movie Lord of War (hits alot of truths on backdoor dealings and what countries do with their older munitions and equipment).  Reminded my mom of this and it clicked for her, also she was surprised that it was real.  I know the county I live in has a few of those APC's and they tend to bring them out for community events to show off and that's about the most they're used, lol.

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Re: Seriously, What are we doing about this ???
« Reply #5 on: Fri, 24 September 2021, 15:41:54 »
China is censoring individuals on live television and removing them from all internet mentions or pictures. This is some Stalin level ****.
And the amount of influence they have over the internet and media not produced in their country is downright disturbing.

Arresting xpats simply for speaking to the 'wrong' people, what the actual **** China?

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Re: Seriously, What are we doing about this ???
« Reply #6 on: Fri, 24 September 2021, 17:18:41 »
I get why the Chinese government are doing what they're doing. If everybody is obsessed with celebrity culture, getting rich and playing multiplayer videogames they're not making babies. Their whole real estate market is about to implode cos they've got that same issue of empty apartment blocks built for investment in places nobody actually wants to live. It's a very deliberate about turn on modern western culture.