Author Topic: Asus PG278QR vs MSI Optix-G27CQ4  (Read 1939 times)

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Asus PG278QR vs MSI Optix-G27CQ4
« on: Tue, 12 January 2021, 03:48:09 »
My current screen is a Asus PG278QR and i intend to sell it to get a screen with more dynamic range and contrast etc. One of those screens i can get cheap is a

It actually has less brightness but overall on par or better specifications. Unless i am missing something. Any thoughts on this?

Outside of basic gaming specs i am not well educated

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Re: Asus PG278QR vs MSI Optix-G27CQ4
« Reply #1 on: Tue, 12 January 2021, 08:21:33 »

90% srgb, 70%dcip3
1000:1 contrast


115% srgb, 90% dcip3
3000:1 contrast

I'm not sure how they're quoting the % on the msi, if it's really 90% dcip3, it should be around 130%srgb, unless they're counting only on-axis colors.

For gaming, motion clarity is alot higher on the asus-TN panel, but of course, it'll look flat because of the low contrast ratio.

For movies, the msi-VA panel will be significantly better. it has more saturated colors (though inaccurate without color correction), it will mostly still look nice.

The VA will have some black smearing but this can be aided by enabling the BFI/ulmb feature set. (they call it different things on different brands, but I'm reasonably sure this monitor would have it.)

You really just have to ask yourself, what's more important to you, motion clarity or better(overall) image quality.

The mid ground is OLED, I recommend the latest LG CX 65" , but of course there's a big list of how to use an OLED that you'd need to learn.

Regardless of what you buy, I recommend purchasing a i1display studio colorimeter. Proper gamma tracking brings out the peak visual of every display.