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daskeyboard double-type some keys
« on: Fri, 02 April 2021, 20:44:46 »
I have a daskeyboard DASK4CPROSIL-3G7-r1.0 . I've had this for several years, and have used it for work most of this time. Last year I started having problems where the Z key would occasionally double type. This got progressively worse, and then started happening to other keys, notably the 6 key.

I have just taken the entire keyboard apart, and cleaned it thoroughly. I have never spilled anything on it, but as you can imagine it was dirty. Unfortunately, the keys are still typing double.

I am quite disappointed as this is my first mechanical keyboard, and my most expensive keyboard, and I have never had a keyboard fail before. I still have my Happy Hacking keyboard, and although it doesn't feel nearly as nice, at least it works reliably.

I hope someone can assist me in solving this problem, as I would prefer to type on a mechanical keyboard, but I can't justify buying another one.

After taking it apart, I see that it is using Greetech brown switches, if that is important.


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Re: daskeyboard double-type some keys
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 02 April 2021, 23:09:27 »
take the cap off, push the stem in, and hit the hole with compressed air at different angles.

If that doesn't help, buy new switches, and solder them in.