Author Topic: This is an Outrage  (Read 1011 times)

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This is an Outrage
« on: Fri, 10 January 2020, 08:09:52 »
We Phat-peeps represent the majority population.


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Re: This is an Outrage
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 10 January 2020, 08:53:27 »
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Re: This is an Outrage
« Reply #2 on: Fri, 10 January 2020, 09:07:07 »
"angry fat guys in basements"

I love it!
"I never understood wind. I know windmills very much, I have studied it better than anybody. I know it is very expensive. They are made in China and Germany mostly, very few made here, almost none, but they are manufactured, tremendous if you are into this tremendous fumes and gases are spewing into the atmosphere. You know we have a world, right? So the world is tiny compared to the universe. So tremendous, tremendous amount of fumes and everything. You talk about the carbon footprint, fumes are spewing into the air, right spewing, whether it is China or Germany, is going into the air. A windmill will kill many bald eagles. After a certain number, they make you turn the windmill off, that is true. By the way, they make you turn it off. And yet, if you killed one, they put you in jail. That is OK. But why is it OK for windmills to destroy the bird population?" - Donald Trump - Turning Point USA speech - 2019-12-22