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Mouse posture
« on: Mon, 05 March 2018, 01:11:09 »
Typing, my arms are at a 90 degree angle at my sides. Using the mouse in many positions this is not possible while keeping proper keyboard posture. It is at the most elbow to the front of my chest. Don't worry about this or something to change? I know, Trackball but I need the DPI. I will not use a bouncy keyboard system as I had mentioned here. I use a straight solid platform. I am seated properly and do not see a way around this if it even matters? No injuries ever. I do not mouse or type with my arms,wrists touching anything. I am relaxed and not fatigued. Therefore I did not know if this is something I should correct, if so how?

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Re: Mouse posture
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 05 March 2018, 07:36:09 »
I use my mouse in the center. below the keyboard, which is in the middle.

There's not alot of space but it's more comfortable for my arms.

I use 2100dpi.

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Re: Mouse posture
« Reply #2 on: Fri, 09 March 2018, 04:57:47 »
Too tall Bro LOL. Good idea though. I use 6400 DPI on 3x32" Displays. Otherwise it is too slow with that much real estate to cover. Reason no Trackball. If I was willing to use that bouncy $300 junk platform I could flip it over the Keeb. I will not use that, hate it. I see offices, thousands of people bouncing up and down. I cannot stand that. If no other answer it is not like my arm is hyper extended. At my height I have huge reach. Instead of 90 degrees in some positions I might hit 105 degrees. Probably no big deal. Never an injury and I am an old Man. One answer is to just turn my chair a bit. I do not mouse and type at the same time! Biggest thing I tell anyone, Never rest your wrists!

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Re: Mouse posture
« Reply #3 on: Mon, 12 March 2018, 13:06:31 »
I find that a trackball is not that much of a handicap with multiple monitors.  I have Dactyl Left--Numpad--trackball--dactyl right on my desk. This allows me to have easy access to everything in a comfortable way.

I have turned up the DPI of the trackpad to the max which has helped.  I also have 3 screens and dont have that much of an issue going from the left to the right.  I just do a rapid roll of the ball and it goes from left to right monitor easily.  I can navigate a single monitor 1080p without the need to pull my finger off the ball.  My kensington trackpad also has acceleration options which speed up the movement when rapidly moving the ball.

Prior to the trackpad I used a mouse at 5600 DPI.  I still have the mouse on my desk but I find i rarely if ever use it now. Even with the high DPI its annoying to move my whole hand around.  The fact that it is never in the exact same spot like my trackpad is also frustrating.  This is just my 2 cents

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Re: Mouse posture
« Reply #4 on: Mon, 26 March 2018, 17:17:10 »
I know, Trackball but I need the DPI.

I do not understand why you don't like the trackball idea; could you elaborate?
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Re: Mouse posture
« Reply #5 on: Mon, 09 April 2018, 04:25:15 »
I personally use and love my new logi mx master 2s.
Feeling great with ergonomy, but missing a little the precision of a real optical sensor...