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Worn Mouse Button Fix
« on: Thu, 21 March 2019, 13:18:17 »
The following was originally a short facebook post of mine. I'll follow up with more detailed discussion if anybody is interested.

Choose your own adventure!

Your mouse buttons are wearing out, causing drag operations to release prematurely or even register as a single click. Do you:

a) Repeat drag operations pressing harder on the mouse button and live with the nuisance
b) Buy a new mouse
c) Order replacement microswitches from Digikey and replace the offending mouse button
d) Perform surgery on the mouse's circuit board and add a debounce circuit to solve the problem permanently

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Re: Worn Mouse Button Fix
« Reply #1 on: Thu, 21 March 2019, 13:37:25 »
Option C for me...

Looks like you went for D?
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Re: Worn Mouse Button Fix
« Reply #2 on: Thu, 21 March 2019, 15:12:22 »
Hrrrrrmm..., i'd go similar to option C,  except I'd cheep out even more and just stealz another mouse from wurk, then perform chop shop, yay 5 m0ar microswitches, they got mountains of old mice, unused in a box.

Then somehow, sell cocaine, somehow australia, something something brothel, something dictator's daughter,  something gtx 2080ti.